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9/26/2005 10:15 am

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Where I'm Coming From

the other week, Dan Savage's column featured a letter from a 30-something wife who asked if it was normal to be asexual. She said that sex just wasn't important to her and she didn't care whether she got any. As for her husband, they would still cuddle and she'd give him some head and that seemed to satisfy him.
Dan got on her case, and told her she was abnormal and in need of therapy. As for her husband, he said that she better be ready to stand by her claim that sex is unimportant when she finds out he's been getting some elsewhere.

This sound like my present situation, except for the oral sex. I've been faithful and patient with my wife for a long time, but the situation has degraded to the point that we've gone over a year without having sex. I've lost confidence in our ability to unravel the pyschological knots that prevent my wife from enjoying her body.
I'm unwilling to give up the pleasures of sexual gratification. I consider myself a decent guy in a lousy situation, and have resolved to pursue a change. So I've begun to participate on this site in hopes of finding again, the joy of having intimate relations with a woman. I'm not sure how far these changes may go, and it's kind of scary, but I'm a desperate man.

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