The Nicest Message I've Ever Received!  

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7/3/2006 12:19 pm

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8/6/2008 7:15 pm

The Nicest Message I've Ever Received!

After almost a year as an AdultFriendFinder member, I've traded e-mails with only about a half-dozen women, and this is probably the nicest compliment I've received. The bad news is that it's a dead end, and even worse, AdultFriendFinder Inc. came down hard on this lady for violating the rules and started wiping out all of her messages. Oh, well.

" I am a whore and a slut and a gold digger and a cyprian and a paid companion and, and, and LOL.. Just trying to be honest to...

I loved your honesty (very nice photo to)and hope you find the one special "lovely hearted attractive girl" that the predetors and morraly confused males have not chased off the netLOL

All the very very very best...

Just in case you are still asking why not? (to put it politely) I am just about romance and finance.... and both have to be non-standard transaction...very freaky and very free given..

Thanks again for the wink... It is just I get so many offer but few from nice honest men like you I felt compelled to give response to your wink...

Good-bye, "

lesboasha 46F

8/1/2008 9:43 pm

my dear sometimes i ask myself for what we are in this web site? when u say what u want , who u are it seems is not accepted!!!angelfisting69

LOVE TO ALL[bling 202476

HeadToYourToe 63M

8/6/2008 7:15 pm

Asha, it does seem odd that this site would censor people for revealing too much of themselves. We're all just ants running around in a jar.

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