My First Wink  

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10/7/2005 3:08 pm

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My First Wink

Hey, I got my first wink today! That and $3 gets you a cup of coffee, but at least it's nice to know that someone has viewed you "with interest". It would be nice to follow up with a e-mail, but as we all know, stan.'s can only send messages if invited by a gold or silver member. So I guess I can only pine away for those members who are on my "Hotlist".

jackson347 - you're checked me out online, wanna check out my jackson?
hotToni15 - so you'd like to please a deprived gent, I guess I should qualify.
unbelievable41 - why not initiate an e-conversation and see if we have 5* chemistry?
easyTara - you're right around the corner from me, but not too easy to access.
nicoledesires - are you spontaneous enough to shoot me an e-mail (some slow day).
nymfogal - I guess you don't have too many slow days.
Ablueeyedgirl - it all seems good to me, think we could meet up in Old Town?
Tricurious1 - all that time on-line, still looking for a place to show?
new4me43 - it's new for me too, and difficult, but hopefully rewarding.
ediesedgewick - I wrote you a story, thought you'd at least reply with an e-mail.
tzgiryl - so close I could get there by bike in 20 minutes, would you be ready.
sugarlion - after checking me out, could I be part of the all you want to enjoy?
chique1 - we're riding on the Orange line.
asexylonelylady - welcome, I hope you find many friends.
parfaite2005 - there are many beautiful places in our world, waiting to be explored.
exxxotic35 - you haven't been logging on to the site, are you happy?
Dafo - did you check out my profile? did we seem compatible?
Onlyforfun211 - keep an open mind darling, I'm safe and ready.
Tastycakes38 - my favorite lunchtime treat!
natx1012 - as my handle says, I wanna lick you from your head to your toe.
ez8615vixen - pleased to please you, drop me a note.
tasty mocha - still no reply to my post, catch me when you're back looking.

Looking at the list, I guess there's some letters of the alphabet I missed. Maybe some of the following members will drop me a note after they've read down the list.

blondallovr - wish I could check out your profile.
funnygrl_va - keeping checking in, maybe something will look good.
girlwild - you need any help satisfying all of those ambitions?
ihvirisheyestoo - let me tickle your fancy.
kdstunning - go for it girl.
luv5h035 - every nerve in your body ends in your feet, show me around.
mary22046 - are you finding success in using this new way to meet?
queenOf Hardons - awesome picture, you're queen of the 'Q's' on my list.
rae1950 - agree 100%, you're too young to not have fun.
vixenInSilk - oooh, the feel of silk, slippery, cool, sliding across all those ticklish spots.
wildindc752 - where's the head of the line?
xciteme3x_72 - is this like the song - love me 3 times girl?
your_Sweet_Tempt - give in to the temptation.
zarre33 - sounds like an awesome scenario.

rm_CountessO 61F
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10/11/2005 4:36 am

I noticed that you winked at me the other day and took a look at your profile. I also noticed that you list my handle in this blog entry. Was rather surprised that you took the liberty of listing a number of people who are going about their business on this site. Just because one is a member of AdultFriendFinder and is on line, does not mean that one has to contact everybody else. Of course we look at other profiles, that is the whole idea!

In my case, I prefer to meet singles. I am not being judgmental, it's just a preference. I have found that the vast majority of married/attached people have very limited time to meet, mostly during the day. Since I have a full time job, I work during the day! I hear the stories of terrible marriages all the time, and I empathize with people who stay for their own reasons in difficult situations. It must be tough. I have been there and chose to end a marriage that was never going to be whole again.

I wish you good luck with your search for a play partner.

craptoast 39M

1/28/2006 8:20 pm

who is the mysterious ediesedgewick anyway?

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