99% Of Life Is Just Showing Up  

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9/15/2005 1:05 pm

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99% Of Life Is Just Showing Up

One challenge for the standard member ("stan") is to get noticed. I've filled out profile questions, but I don't have any hot photos to attract attention there. (Any volunteers for a photo shoot?) So, I've been trying to get my name out there by participating on the site. (showing up).

The methods available to stan's like me for participation are:
1) Go on the group sites and post messages.
2) Sit in on chat rooms.
3) Check out member blogs and comment.
4) Build a hotlist of member profiles and send out winks.

My impression of these methods are that
-- Chat Rooms are either empty or total chaos
-- Blogs could be a very effective way to communicate,
-- The groups tend to be dominated by a few people with time on their hands, but could also be good if enough people logged in and participated.
-- Winks are a mystery to me. Stan's get something like 10 per day, and I ping out my share. But I don't know what happens when you receive a wink (you all could send some my way).

I'm curious about how other stan's are spending their time on the website.

Anyway, I've been trying to promote some events in my postings, and tonight I hope to see if anyone responded with some interest.

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4/6/2008 2:37 pm


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