The following is a true story: HeWatchesBiBBWs' name has been changed to protect the not so -  

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3/20/2006 1:37 pm

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3/21/2006 7:42 pm

The following is a true story: HeWatchesBiBBWs' name has been changed to protect the not so -

Okay, I can't take this! I am at work as I write this and with my work ethics, to take time away from what I am supposed to be doing because I am so damn horny is terrible. I would actually leave so as not to bilk the agency but
I have high priority stuff to (attempt to) take care of today and a deadline to meet and am also scheduled to conduct some interviews.
...and, I have NEVER been this horny in my life!

I am actually sitting here and can feel my nipples and clit "hum" know like high tension wires in the wind? Oh, it's insane.
I actually leaned over a co-workers desk a few minutes ago and had a flash imagining myself being tied up, hands above me to a bed. Then when I was talking to him about screening the applicants, something didn't seem right, I said "did I say screaming?" he said, "yes, you did". - I swear to my higher power it's all true!
What the hell is wrong with me?

I guess it started last night when my husband called and talked me through an orgasm. Everything was perfect. I went back to my room, phone in hand, undressed and as my room had just a little chill to it my nipples were standing straight out. I lay on my back, propped up on pillows still listening to his voice, and poured generous helpings of scented lotion upon my smooth skin. I started with my left breast, then of course my right, and from there trailed down my stomach to my beautiful pink pussy.
The lotion is kept in my room and had a slight chill as well, each time it touched my skin, especially my nipples and clit (which were already aroused)it made me shudder slightly. Oh, it felt good. I then took my left hand and started to rub the lotion into my left breast then my right while grabbing my vibrator out of the drawer next to me. As I rubbed my skin it started to warm and I turned on my toy and started massaging my well lotioned clit. Small circles,no friction, very nice.
My left hand was taking turns on each breast; paying particular attention to my yet erect nipples. My phone lay on my pillow by my ear, my husband whispering to me. "Imagine I was there with you, I would be eating your pussy right now, sucking your clit, with my hand reaching up to grab your breast" With that thought of him, I pinched and caressed each nipple and then took my toy from my clit and plunged it into my hot little pussy, sliding in and out. I was not quite there, I needed something more so I slowed down allowing the clit stimulator to hit home. That was all it took, I had such a good orgasm, back arching as I shake and moan, my pussy clamping the toy between my thighs. Yes! Pure satisfaction.
After an incredible night like that, I checked my email this morning only to find that a woman I had been seeking out for a threesome had responded. Beautiful and huge breasts - she is a 40 I (you know the letter between H & J!), totally not proportionate with the rest of her - oh, they are huge and we are going to have so much fun. Oh how I do love TITTIES!
Anyway, between those 2 events, my mind has been pretty much shot. So I blogged (all over my in hopes of easing some of this sexual frustration by either getting it off my chest (-TITTIES!) or getting myself so excited to where I would have no choice but to cum in my chair, the smell of my wild pheromones drifting down my pantyhose out the bottom of my skirt and into the outer office to tell my co-workers the naughtiness I had been up to.
Unfortunately neither have worked so I am about to close my door and relieve myself on the corner of my desk as I simply cannot take it any longer!

mailmantrouser2 53M
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3/21/2006 12:08 pm

Your husband must be envious of your purpleheaded BOB. All he has is his hand, I suppose, and an extremely sexy woman on the other end of the line to whom he can whisper all that he wants to do to her and hear her tell all that she wants him to do, and vice versa. How long is he gone for and does either of you ever take a temporary live substitute?


HeWatchesBiBBW 46M/46F

3/21/2006 6:31 pm I tell? Well, Mailman. Between you, me, the fencepost and 5 billion online swingers...he doesn't just KNOW about this one.
I aim to tell him as he did in fact tell me to get one during his absence as he knows how deep my eternal need flows.
He in fact is not one to use his hand, rather build up his own intense need for Momma to release upon his return. He simply whispers to me on the phone things he knows to trigger my arousal...such as "cat", "lamp", and "UPS".
Naive am I that there is such a man? I think not! But then I could be wrong and perhaps he has a purple headed BOB or an auburn headed SUZIE stashed away as well. Cynical is my nature however, and if he does indeed have his own personal SUZIE: my thoughts quickly turn to rage at the thought of him not bringing her home to play...after all, I'd share BOB if he asked really nice.

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