Sex And Silk  

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4/26/2006 4:20 pm

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Sex And Silk

I watch as you walk across the room, I smile as I see your eyes devour me, I feel wanted, sexy and powerful beneath your hungry gaze.
Licking my lips I slowly run one hand down the length of my body, my silk robe moulding to my curves as if it were a second skin.
I wait till you are standing at the foot of you bed, my eyes take in your pure naked masculinity, I crawl and kneel before you, letting my hands run down over your firm solid chest, a hear a sigh escape your lips and you grab me yanking me so I fall against you, now I am powerless and your are powerful as my body reacts to your touches.
I whimper so your strong mouth takes mine in a fierce hungry kiss, when you pull away my lips feel swollen and bruised.
Slowly you untie my sash and with a flick the silk falls away from my body pooling around me, I watch as you take me in inch by inch, I know when you have reached your surprise, I see your lips tilt with a wicked smile as you look at my shaven mound, your fingers caress the silky skin where little blond curls had previously been.
I can see your throbbing manhood; I reach down to grasp it running my finger of the tip of you.
You make a sound like a growl and in one fluid movement I am on my back with you pressing down against me, I bring my legs up to wrap them around your waist, pulling you into me as you thrust, burying yourself in my slick heat.
Together we move as one, our lovemaking passionate and frenzied, moans and gasps fill the air around us, I grip you tight as I feel my release building, I cry out as I explode my body shaking and shuddering, I feel your climax as you cum with a shattering force, deep inside me.
Content and sated we lie wrapped in one another’s arms, listening to rapid heartbeats and small breathes.

SirMounts 102M

4/28/2006 11:38 am

Fabulously written, and stunningly moving. *amazed*

nighthawk_6969 59M

4/28/2006 6:56 pm

omg babygirl im on next flight kisses


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