The First Time Together  

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9/19/2005 7:51 am

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The First Time Together

You are waiting in intense anticipation in the hotel room that you booked using my credit card. It's a sign of the trust that I have in you, that I gave you that information, even before we've met in person for the first time, and you want to re-pay the trust with interest.

You know that my flight arrived almost an hour ago, but my instructions to you were clear: "Get the hotel room, and wait there for me. I'll be there as soon as I can darling - I want this as much as you do." You sigh as you wait - although we've often cyber'ed this encounter, playing out all sorts of different scenes, you know that the reality will be different than the fantasy.

You've dressed carefully for today. Knowing my preferences, you have on a black lace panty and bra set, garters with stockings (despite the discomfort), high heeled shoes and a knee length dress with a scoop neck, revealing your cleavage. Your makeup is immaculate, but you fuss with your hair, and suddenly stop, as you hear a knock at the door. You stand up, excitement warring with nerves, and walk more steadily than you feel to the door of the suite.

You open it to see my face, so familiar from my web cam but so different too, beaming at you. I step into the room, and, putting my bags down on the floor to the side of the door, I hold you by the shoulders and just gaze at you.

"The pictures never did you justice, darling," I say, my voice sending shivers down your spine, my hands sending electric shocks through your body. "You are even more beautiful in person than I thought you'd be."

Your hands move to my waist, almost tentatively, as you anticipate the touching that you've wanted for so long. As you inch closer to me, I suddenly wrap my arms around you, and pull you close, my lips brushing yours, then pressing more urgently. You realize that I'm as anxious for this as you are, and your lips open to mine, and our tongues start the age-old dance of passion. My hands start to wander over your back and back side, and you sense my smile of pleasure as I feel your garter belt and low cut panties through the thin material of your dress.

***That's enough for today - look me up as masterofbalnce if you'd like to hear more, personalized for you.***

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