What is your favorite position?  

BegetDolbyMeant 50M
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4/2/2005 7:19 am

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10/1/2009 1:18 pm

What is your favorite position?

I was just wondering if there is such a thing as the best position for sex. I love pounding into a nice ass, but then I miss playing with and watching those great tits. I enjoy being on top also. I like having the woman on top riding it fast and hard, or slow and easy, the only motion is the squeezing of her pussy on my throbbing cock. And the numerous variations sitting, standing... All in all, it's a great "problem" that I intend to keep working on. I was just wondering if you have any favorites and why, to try to give me a little more insight into this. Maybe we could do some research together!

peshtigogal 46F

4/11/2007 1:48 pm

I love doggie. It feels so tight and his cock slapping my ass. A little spanking at the same time is good too.

BegetDolbyMeant 50M
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4/13/2007 5:16 pm

Wow! You sound like you were made for me! I love pounding into a nice ass, watching my cock slide in and out of those beautiful vertical lips. And a little ass slapping too adds to the excitement. I noticed you like BJ's too, you sound perfect. What else turns you on, older men?

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