Interesting Questions  

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4/11/2006 2:31 pm

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Interesting Questions

It is interesting when meeting couples how often the woman says one of her things she would like to see is two men enjoying each other.

I’ve now had this said to me several times and this has been what I have tried to initiate but often the woman’s partner is not into men or does not feel secure enough in their own sexuality to try a same sex experience.

When I was with the last couple I asked what they would like and she said to see two men going hard at it but when I asked him if he was happy about that he was non committal( you could see the excitement at first in her eyes as I asked and then the disappointment at his response) and subsequently later on when I tried to initiate a male session I was told I don’t do that but we were allowed to explore his wants with regards to both of us paying serious attention to her.

So the question is:
1. How many women would want to see their partner engage in a same sex experience as part of a threesome (or moresome)
2. How many men would engage in a same sex experience to fulfill their partners fantasy.

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