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Another memory

It was a relatively quiet evening and the bar patrons were sitting in small groups discussing their business hopes and planning for upcoming events. Scanning the room there was no-one that immediately captured my eye. Glancing casually at the door I saw him enter and look around as if expecting to see some-one.
A brief look of disappointment crossed his face as he came towards the bar and sat on a stool. As he walked across I could see he was a person who worked out in a gym and the gracefulness of his movements showed a worldly confidence.
His clothes were semi casual but neat and as I glanced at his butt the way the cotton material curved over his ass gave an indication of firmness that made me wonder what they would be like to hold.
Shaking my head slightly to snap out of it I asked him what type of drink he wanted. Getting his drink I saw him scan the room again and again the look of disappointment crossed his face.
I left him there and tended to other customers. As the evening came to a close and I was closing the bar he approached me and asked if I wanted to have a late evening snack with him. It crossed my mind who would be snacking on whom and agreed to meet him after closing the bar.
We went to his hotel restaurant where we made small talk however as the evening went on there was growing a stronger physical attraction as I wondered what he would look like with first his shirt off and then what he would look like naked. As if reading my mind he suggested perhaps we could have a late evening drink in his room which also had a spa if I was interested. Not wanting to appear too eager I agreed but said I would not stay the night as I was not that sort of person. He just laughed and said “Let’s just see what happens”.
Going up to his room in the lift he undid the top buttons of his shirt showing me his muscled torso indicating a well formed body and doing just enough to get me wanting to explore more.

Entering his room I saw he kept it neat and tidy. Moving to the bar he mixed a drink and holding it moved towards the bathroom and started to fill the spa. I waited till the spa was filled then following his lead we stripped down to our underwear. Looking at his body I was keen to see just was hidden underneath the boxer shorts. I saw from his glances at my body that he was not disappointed as I took pride in my body, exercised and ate to ensure it was always in good shape. Respecting my privacy and obviously not wanting to appear too eager he suggested we keep our underwear on until we got into the spa where if I wanted I could remove mine under the ‘protection’ of the water. This man was obviously a gentleman and knew how to seduce to ensure we both would enjoy it by moving at a pace which would build the excitement. Getting into the spa we sat opposite each other still making small talk however the heat of the spa the effect of the wine was making me feel horny and I decided I would take the initiative. Sliding around the pool I moved over towards him. Looking at his face I could see he was not quite sure what I would do next. Leaning over I ran my tongue over his nipples which was not what he expected. Gasping slightly I could see from his reaction it was not expected. Reaching down I felt for his cock and found that he was as excited as I was. I slipped my hand through the band of his boxers I slowly slipped them down. Springing free I grabbed his rod and slowly started to stroke it up and down with enough force to let him know I wanted to give him some pleasure. As I did this I could feel his hand starting to explore my body. It was exciting to feel his hand between my legs gently stroking and rubbing making me feel very excited and wanting to move to the next level. Gently I stroked the back of his head with my other hand and suggested that perhaps we might enjoy it more if we moved into the bedroom. Wordlessly he stood up and I gasped with anticipated pleasure when I saw what was soon to become mine. It was thick, long and throbbing with desire. Looking at my body I could see by his eyes he also was excited at the forthcoming pleasure we were about to share. Grasping my hand he led me to the bed and with any hesitation lay down on his back indicating that he was all mine. Looking around I saw he had a tube of moisturizer on his dresser. Reaching out I grabbed the tube and squeezed some into my hands. Waiting slightly to let it warm I then started to rub it gently into his feet and legs paying particular interest to his toes and ankles as these stress points once rubbed can relax the bulk of the body. Looking up from his feet the sight of his cock standing upright almost made me forget what I was doing as I just wanted to suck it into my mouth and taste the saltiness. However I restrained myself and continued working my way up his body. His thighs were trembling and I could see he was struggling to contain himself. Teasingly I rubbed all around his centre of pleasure slowly forced my hands underneath his ass as I wanted to feel his tight buns in my hands. As my hands were still covered in the moisturizer I gently tickled his bum and then when he least expected it I slipped one finger inside his arse to the first knuckle. He gasped and I could see his cock jerk as if he had not experienced this before. Gently I moved and rotated my finger at the same stroking his cock. Felling him about to explode, I wanted to delay this as I wanted him to feel my tongue on his cock before he filled my mouth with his cum.
Removing my hand from his arse I continued to explore his body with my tongue now. Licking his nipples, nipping at his ears, gently nipping his biceps, in general exploring his body with my tongue until I could last no longer.
I wanted cock.
With a flourish I swooped. I started to lose control as I sucked his rod into my mouth. God it felt good. The smoothness of the head never failed to excite me and slipping my tongue into the small slit tickling the nerves inside making him jerk with desire was unbelievable. I made sure he could hear what was I was doing by making loud slurping and sucking noises all the while moaning my enjoyment of feeling his hips thrusting wildly now forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my warm moist mouth. Grabbing my head he was moaning seeking relief when all of a sudden without warning the hotel room door opened.

“What are you two guys doing”? She asked. As I had my mouth full I could do nothing but leave him to answer the question.

“Ï could not find you”, he said so we started without you. “I can see that” she replied, “well go ahead I want to watch and if I feel like it I might join in”.

Miraculously through out this short exchange his cock had not deflated too much so I kept licking and sucking although conscious now of the other person in the room. Soon he was just as hard as he was before the interruption and again I was reveling in the feeling of a good hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked it all over. Licking the underneath the glans was an extremely sensitive spot for him and this helped to make him even harder if that was possible.

Looking up I saw the woman was sitting up by his head and was slowly removing her clothes all the while watching with interest what I was doing, Not wanting to disappoint her now I concentrated on ensuring he was having a mind blowing orgasm. I could see she was now fully undressed. Her body was from a painting by Rueben. Warm and cuddly. Curves in the right spots and breasts to get lost in.
Her breasts were largish and the nipples were begging to be sucked. Her hips were wide and were nicely padded to ensure comfort while her pussy was trimmed and obviously cared for.

Leaning over him she kissed him deeply sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth almost in rhythm with my sucking of his rod. His thrusting hips became more frantic as he sought release and then I felt it starting to jerk wildly as he started to cum. Quickly moving I felt his cum spurt into my hand.

As he subsided I reached up with my hand and spread his cum over her tits. Massaging it in the smell was similar to an aphrodisiac and she started to moan with desire. I could see she was now getting turned on and I still had a fucking great hard on that was seeking some release.

Not quite sure of what to expect I slowly moved up the bed until I could place my cock in her hand. I moved her over until she was in the middle and could easily reach both our cocks. While his was still recovering mine was wanting relief.
I could see by her eyes she wasn’t quite sure what to do so I gently held her hand and started to stroke my cock while I leaned over and started to lick her breasts. The taste of his cum mingled with her body was fantastic. I pulled his head over to the other breast where he started doing the same. Glancing at the mirror in the room I could see our reflection. She in the middle with a cock in each hand and we two licking her breasts. Her nipples by now were aching and I slowly pushed his head down so he could start to lick her pussy which was now swollen and glistening in anticipation. Spreading her legs she opened even further to allow him to use his tongue to seek out those places often not explored. First he moved his tongue down one side probing the folds and inquisitively probing the entry to her pot of gold. Then slowly ever so slowly coming back up the other side until reaching her clit where a couple of strong licks would cause her to jerk in anticipation. While he was doing this I was paying attention to her breasts and upper body. I timed it so that as he stoked her with his tongue I would stroke her nipples with my tongue. It was easy to see she was enjoying the attention and was quickly building to her first of many orgasms. With out warning she whimpered shuddered and came.

But I still had my hard on. What happened next ………

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