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8/4/2005 6:23 am

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I see you walking in front of me, your miniskirt fitting tight around your bum. What I see is definitely worth more than a casual look. I stare at your shapely legs every now and then a naked cheek peeks out under the seam of the mini. I feel a bulge growing in my pants.

I walk a little faster so that I can pass you. Over your shoulder I look down your blouse. Your breasts definitely match your behind. Your body is gorgeous!

I pass you and look for your reflection in the window to see what your face looks like. I see your eye glued to my ass.

I suddenly stop, you bump into me and apologize…… I reply that you can touch if I can too!

“Excuse me?” you are baffled.

“When I walked behind you, I had the same longing for your ass as you had for min just now.”

You blush

We are standing in front of the lift and the doors open, I enter and invite you in. You follow me, the doors close and we are alone.

I embrace you in my arms, groping your ass. I kiss you and your lips part, your tongue explores my mouth. My hands explore your bare butt under your skirt.

Then the doors open again and our ways part, I don’t know your name, but you will soon discover my business cards tucked into your g-string……

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