Harleys_PitBulls 46M
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3/9/2006 8:13 pm

So I'm back at it. Doesn't do much other then see myself in a reflection others can see right along with me. How hard is it to talk to people...have a communication level that does require some thought ? Would be nice for some one with insight to their self or others to give their thoughts and maybe think of some thing to say. Sometimes you can be in a crowd and still be alone..seems thats my constant way of life. People I know, still don't know me. Hear what they what to hear and see what they choose to see. I'm glad I don't go through life with blinders on. I like waking up knowing who I am and knowing where I'm going, just tied of walking alone. I do have my pit-bull Blue to walk with me. Shes glad to see me regardless of my mood and if I'm in a bad mood, she always cheers me up. Theirs always a silver lining to the dark storm clouds...just pay attention to details spoke of or watch. I've learned more by watching then talking. Story of my life. I have a lot to say on any subject thrown at me but most people are so self absorbed, conversation escapes them. I'm out but not down and out...just for the nite.

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