Whats The point ? To A.F.F  

Harleys_PitBulls 46M
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3/8/2006 7:41 pm
Whats The point ? To A.F.F

If their is a woman out their that doesn't think men are ALWAYS biult on the thought of sex, please speak up. I'm sick of dealing with up tight conservtive women who want thousands in a bank. I do want sex..on a level both can like and love in the process. I am a smart ass ...and I like it , straight to the point guy...whats to lie about ..if you can't be honest with your self, how can you be honest with anybody ? I'm the same person in these thoughts that I am everyday..If you took the time to meet me. My thoughts on this site are..My hopes were to meet some one to have sex with ...but the shopping list from women on here are worse then going to a bar..atleast their is a chance at a bar. Women seem to want to know what kicks around in a guys head...here you go...here for you to read . If your blind ..get glass..if your a ostrach...unbury your head...Cause I already said what kicks around in a ( 1 guys head )guys mind, you want a truth.. I'm straight forward about what I like , I lisen ( very well ) tactifully blunt..sad part is most don't lisen..thats the other part of communtication! Lisening is more important then talking..strange women love to talk and not lisen.I seen more profile porn star wonna be's on here then watching porn. Where are these women @ ...sure want to know..

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