A Source of My Frustration  

HarleyBoatGuy47 69M
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7/28/2006 12:33 pm
A Source of My Frustration

A lot of chipped, cracked, and broken people arrive here perceiving themselves to be whole! In fact, I think, nobody arrives here in as good a shape as they perceive themselves to be. We were all damaged in transit. Some of us are marred by an extended terminal relationship... most frequently marriage. Others of us have become misshapen by the process of extracating ourselves from such a relationship. While still others have become tarnished while exploring their new-found freedom.

I mean, if you have a happy marriage, you don't get divorced, right? If your spouse has died, you've been through a similar loss/grief process. And who among us has had a happy divorce? Please raise your hands! And finally, has anyone here been totally happy with their social life since they've been single? So each of us is like some sort of momument to life and living and most everyone who has come into our lives has either taken a piece of us as a souviner or carved their initials on us somewhere to prove that they were here!

And yet, each one of us remains totally convinced that we have arrived here relatively unscathed and we use terms to describe ourselves that any savvy real estate agent might use to describe a modestly priced fixer-upper! And the pictures? ten, fifteen, twenty years old is not unheard of! Then as we look at the packages we have fashioned for ourselves we call profiles, we all think "Yep, pretty damn hot!" That is our reality or at least our best perception of it!

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