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7/31/2006 8:13 pm

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Sex in the City

Sex in the City is one of the few chick flick shows I actually enjoy. I don't know what it is that is fascinating about it. A chick and her girlfriends living in New York have a good time with a different hunk of the month every other episode, then meet and tell each other about it. I think it is the chicks that draws in the guys...I mean if we were totally honest here, they would be the type of girls you would love to get to meet.

Maybe it is the storyline...we meet in a art gallery, where we are sipping white wine and chatting with our friends on a piece of plaster on a concrete pedestal. Do we know we have something in common right away from the way we look at the object d'art? Perhaps it is our reparte, our sarcastic views on the subjects?

Is it more like we meet in a smoke-filled bar on High Street, where a chain-smoking blonde is talking in a gravelly voice to her girlfriend with the bright blue hair and pierced lip about the lattes being too hot at the Starbucks on Campus. I think it is our perspective on life. Television makes everything so glamourous. Yet, the story is still true...the women I know still meet and talk about their boyfriends' behavior, shaving habits, clothes, and etc. without the guys... and the guys do the same thing. Except, guys never talk about sex. It is always about baseball, weather, Ohio State, or maybe even the cost of a muni bond coming up....but never sex. We don't discuss ladies' underwear, or even makeup. Yet, we are perfectly comfortable sitting at a table in Kahoots, ogling the bouncing babes...why is it the ladies can discuss sex, but men can't? Or is it that men can share a stripper experience, but not talk about sex? Comments from the peanut gallery?

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