Name Change?  

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11/15/2005 7:04 pm

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Name Change?

The National Weather Service is scrambling to rework the naming scheme for tropical storms and hurricanes. This year has pushed us well into the backup list, the Greek alphabet, and most weather experts say this is a long-standing cycle - we may be in for more for the next several years.

Should the number of storms surpass both lists next year, the following options have been discussed to supplement:

- Ex-spouse's names, to be submitted by the general public
- Members of the Three Stooges
- People proclaimed as "the fifth Beatle"
- US presidents, though there is some debate over whether multi-term prezi should have multiple storms named for them
- My ex-girlfriends
- Countries in the world that most Americans couldn't pick off of a map
That should get us through four or five years, easily.

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