IRant - an eRant  

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11/16/2005 1:58 am

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IRant - an eRant

A couple of people told me I disappeared last night.

Hell, I feel invisible at home every day.

But I edited my profile, and Bucky and Merlene rejected it.

I had the audacity to add that "She should have a sense of humor that borders on the bizarre." That was all.

What triggered the rejection was the closing phrase on the "about her" section - If she wants to treat me like a high-class gig010, that'd be okay too.

That phrase has been on there for months. Only the "g" word was spelled correctly. I did it incorrectly here so this post would pass muster.

Oh, sidebar: Pass muster is an old military term for a quick inspection of troops. Passing muster meant things were good enough for, well, government work. I've seen people trying to invoke the phrase lately as "pass mustard," which makes me laugh and turns my stomach a little.

Programming note: The Hardly's will be on the road next week, over the river and through the woods, but I'll have my laptop with me. If I seem a little more prolific (7 posts yesterday?), it may be that I'm trying to compensate for my expected inability to post next week. Always trying to compensate for something.

There - three posts in one. Damn, I'm efficient.

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