Do you, uh, voodoo?  

HardlyYours4Now 52M
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11/2/2005 4:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do you, uh, voodoo?


I can't make something up if I put that at the front end.

The owner of a voodoo shop from New Orleans was interviewed this week by an AP reporter. He was bemoaning the fact that Katrina has scatered voodoo practitioners across the country, and that New Orleans might lose its reputation as the voodoo capital of America.

Wait, it gets better.

He said when he last saw some of his former customers, they were burning green candles to try to cut through the beaurocracy and speed up their checks from FEMA.

At the risk of becoming the target of some disillusioned voodoo priestess, a few observations:

- Do a quick search on 'voodoo' in your favorite search engine. I randomly picked 10 entries of the 2.6 million mine returned, and 8 of them were companies based in southern California. New Orleans lost the title years ago. Welcome to the new millenium.

Random sampling on this population was similar to the statistical relevance of polls taken by CNN/Fox News/my cousin Earl.

- Everybody knows the government uses red tape to slow down any useful process. Red candles, people; red candles.

- Where did he see his customers if they have been scattered? Spectral vision, out-of-body tourism?

- And if so, is that cheaper than current airfare? Would my kids still have as much fun at Di$ney if they were only there as an ethereal presence? And would we get a discount since we wouldn't take up space on any of the rides?

Think I'll go fix myself a Zombie.

Huh. Where did that sudden sharp pain in my shoulder come from?

2xTwiceShy 51M
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11/2/2005 9:20 pm

There's a market for internet voodoo? How come I haven't seen any infomercials for this lucrative trade?

Now they've scattered across the country... does that mean the rest of us are in store for more natural disaters, economic blight, and civil disobedience? Here I thought we had it contained, then a pandemic erupts.

Bird flu doesn't frighten me. Having a witch doctor next door seems far more disturbing.

keithcancook 60M
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11/2/2005 9:22 pm

It's not nice to mess with voodoo priests...

It's not very wise either...

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/2/2005 11:58 pm

When you are ready to get rid of that sharp pain in your balls, let me know.

digdug41 49M

11/3/2005 9:32 am


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HardlyYours4Now 52M

11/3/2005 8:15 pm

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