Birth of a Tradition  

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11/19/2005 2:27 am

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Birth of a Tradition

Someone asked me recently how football began as a sport. I think I asked myself, in fact, during one of my daily sessions of thinking deep thoughts.

The picture many of us have been given regarding that first big feast between the Native Peoples and the Pilgrims is a crock. Here’s the real story.

. . .

The winter was approaching, and the settlers were bracing for a tough winter. The tribal chief of the local natives suggested to his people that they help out.

There were some who said, “Hell, no. Let ‘em go back to England and Holland. These Pilgrims come here and take our jobs, they refuse to learn our language, and they dress funny.”

But Native American generosity won out. So the tribe collected cans of non-perishables and items they really didn’t want and brought them to the less fortunate Europeans. The one thing that was in very short supply was fresh meat, and even some of the chief’s friends were surprised to see that he was going to give the Pilgrims a turkey. As he held it out, one of the young warriors ran forward, tucked it under his arm, and began running.

Almost everyone stood in shock, until the leader of the Pilgrims tore off after the warrior.

Then all hell broke loose as nearly everyone joined in. Several of the warriors joined their compatriot in trying to keep the turkey away from the pilgrims, and the pilgrims began to work together to trap and block the natives.

At some point, the pilgrims had gotten hold of the turkey, and were running back to their camp. That was when someone noticed that the turkey was dead.

Everyone stopped pushing and grabbing, and the current holder of the turkey threw it to the ground. He was overjoyed to realize that the warriors had no reason to try to keep the turkey anymore, and began to do a little dance as his fellow pilgrims gathered around him to share high fives.

Asked later, one of the warriors said, “You know, they just wanted the turkey more than we did. Our execution was a little slow, and we just didn’t work as a team.”

Though the competition had been tough, the two groups of people found a respect for each other. That’s when they decided to sit down together, and share the meal.

. . .

I wonder if the History Channel has any jobs open?

XesSex03 50M/49F

11/19/2005 11:44 am

So nice to have someone FINALLY explain where this game came from! I have a much higher appreciation of it now. Thank You!

Mrs. Xes

HardlyYours4Now 52M

11/19/2005 8:13 pm

ATL12er - Took me a minute...but I think you out-Hardlied me! That's the longest running string of post-game interview BS I've ever seen in one paragraph. Are you a sports writer, by chance?

Mrs. Xes - I am a student of history.

Though I did fail the final exam...

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