And the hits just keep rolling here, folks!  

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7/31/2005 4:36 am

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And the hits just keep rolling here, folks!

Thank you to those who recognize that I am laughing at myself here. I don't pretend to be at the same level, but one of my idols is Dave Barry. For those unfamiliar with his work, he writes SATIRE for a whole mess of newspapers.

From Roxanne:
Irony? Oh, people don't get that much around here. I used to be the sole practitioner, but got tired of people just staring at me.

Okay, it isn't exactly the line; but if you saw the movie, you know what I'm talking about.

I always try to remember as I write that every time I point at someone else, there are four fingers pointing back at me. No, that's not accurate - my thumb isn't pointing at me - it is pointing towards the ceiling. And some don't count it as a finger in the same sense as the others anyway.

Have to think about this for a while.

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