Be Nice to Married People Please  

Hardbody4U269me 41F
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12/11/2005 7:59 am

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1/14/2008 5:24 pm

Be Nice to Married People Please

Please let me know what is going on, on here!!!
I have read so many questions, and reponces about married people on this site. I have a very clear view that married people are not welcome by most of the members. This to me seems like an oxymoron. This is a site for people to hook up with people who want the same thing, sex, that might lead to a relationship. Myself, I feel this is the best way to go about it, but hey, I am just like everyone else, a person with an oppinion.

Now, this site is set up on a purley sexual basis. And from what I have seen, everyone is here for sex. Be it with someone that has taken the time to become friends with them, or a
total stranger, that is the individual persons choice.

Another thing I have to say. Attacking someone verbally for their being on AdultFriendFinder, while they are married is a most childish
thing to do. You do not know the person, you can not judge them.

DanielSun 56M
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12/14/2005 4:21 pm

Thank you for your rant. I am married and dont often reply or talk but you are correct. Maybe there is something missing in the marriage and we married people are hoping to find it here. While we believe in the idea of marriage, maybe the person we married isnt the right choice for us, so we look elsewhere. I am one of those cases. I am very upfront about being married and I think that most people who are upfront should be treated with some respect. I mean after all, dont they say in the profile? Preference? and dont most people say any preference..which to me tells me married as well as single. Tahnk you for allowing me to rant back.

Hardbody4U269me 41F
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12/17/2005 8:52 am

DanielSun- good for you, rant on baby

rm_HereIbe69 38M
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4/29/2006 5:36 pm

Thank God I found someone who actually agrees with me. I am upfront with women about being married and most of them will not give me the time of day. I don't respond to the bias women that say "No married people" just because I know that they aren't on here for the reason this site is here. The site has pictures of men and women half-naked implying sexual doesn't show Dick and Jane talking about how they got together online and now they have a house with a white pickett fence. This is a SEX site people. We people are here to find someone that is in sexual need like us and to maybe share an intimate experience. I hope more women like Hardbody comes to grips with what's goin on here and searches their needs and says...."I don't care; married or not; they need some Luvin; and I'm gonna give it to them." If that made any sense. Thanks for readin

Hardbody4U269me 41F
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4/30/2006 5:15 am

Herelbe- I know honey, it's like they are so prefect and we are scum.

rm_canhavefun 60M

5/22/2006 11:04 am

so far every body have hit the nail on the head married also it would be real easy to lie about being married. im up front about being married or i get slack about not haveing a photos. i have a good marriage and i not going to let her know that i need more sex, she has MS. sometimes i dont get the simple thing like touching, kissing, and wildtimes. so who gives people the right to judge us we love sex also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm_tri_bohica 45M
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12/8/2006 9:29 am

I know it's been a while since someone posted, but I agree wholeheartledy. It's about sex (or lack thereof) and seeking that out. If you have a problem with it, then politely say no. If you want a great fun discrete time, then let's talk!

turq6969 70M
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1/1/2007 8:07 pm

Maybe I am missing the point. Are you referring to what people write in their profile? Newbies come to this site with no idea what to write when they originally become a member. Many never change what they wrote the first time. Their opinions may change over time but have they updated their profile. No!

Are you referring email responses? I have not seen any responses like that, but then I am not married. I have received negative responses from married women who describe in their profiles that they have nothing against single men, but their email tells me that they exclude single men.

I personally have no problem with married women. Most everyone here at this site is here for sex in one form. Some are here as voyuers and some as exhibitionists. Many women enjoy watching a man stroking his manhood and many men enjoy watching the many ways a woman can please herself. Others are here to see how many people they can get a rise from with no intention of connecting with anyone. Ohters are here to entice people to meet them at another web site where entry requires some form of payment for viewing that person (a money making scheme) . Then there are those of us who are here to connect with others that want and need a physical connection that is not being received.

People that rant and rave to others should be ignored and blocked if possible. I am not aware if standard members are able to block like paying members so other strategies may need to be employed it that is the case.

Peace and Love,
Turq {=}

Peace and Love,

Bblackd4wht 48M

3/9/2007 9:50 pm

Hey hottie...wonderful body...just the type that's made for a black man. You should check me out and say hello sometime...till then, take care...

rm_jowllss 43M

7/3/2007 12:14 am

hardbody i am a married man,that would love to meet u, im sure our time spent would be worth your while. e mail me.

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