Not getting it at home!!!!!  

HardasRock663 57M
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3/30/2006 3:22 pm
Not getting it at home!!!!!

>>Not getting what I need at home. I'd love to slowly work my handes up your legs, softly rubbing your clit through your panties. Slowly slid your panties to one side so I can feel your warm wet clit. After you start to breath alittle heavier, I would slowly and softly slid me finger up your throbbing pussy while lick your hard nipples. I would slowly move down to your stomach, licking and kissing all the way. I would lift your nice tight ass up off the bed so I could slid your wet panties down below your knees, then start licking and sucking that wet clit that needs my attention. You would have your legs spread far apart by now, your hot juices running down from your pussy to your ass, your nipples and clit would be throbbing your breathing would be deep and heavy. Just as you start to cum from me licking and sucking your throbbing clit I would slowly slid my rock hard cock in that wanting throbbing cunt. Your body would quiver and shake I would thrust my cock in deeper again and again. Your pussy would explode with hot juices running down my cock to my balls. I would slowly withdraw and lick you clean.
>>>>Hope that gave you some pleasure. Wish I was there. Let me know if you liked it.

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