Does Size Matter, from an Average Size Man.  

HardasRock663 57M
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3/31/2006 7:23 am
Does Size Matter, from an Average Size Man.

Does Size Matter, from an Average Size Man.

OK here we go; you see a lot of profiles from the ladies that say “Wanted BIG, LONG, THICK, 10 inches or better. Yet I don’t recall seeing any from the guys that say tight, small, ¾ inch in diameter. Some ladies don’t say anything about size, I can see how BIGGER may be better, I’ll give you that BUT is it really better. Would you girls get more pleasure with a baseball bat? It’s BIG, THICK and LONG. Being a mechanic years ago I had to learn how you use my tools properly. Even the biggest hammer does little good if it’s not used correctly.

How about oral, is a big tongue better, or is it how you use it.

How can we tell if a pussy is tight? You ladies can look at a picture and give it thumbs up or down. A while back, too many years ago, I had my dream date, small petite lady that was really hot & horny, she said she did not have sex for 6 months. I kept thinking, wow this is going to be really good, nice tight pussy, real wet I could hardly wait. Long story short, if I would have fallen in I’d still be trying to find my way out. She was huge!! For a small petite girl it was like fucking a manhole.

I think everything in this world is relevant.

If a lady says she must have a big cock that is 12” long and 10” in circumference, does that mean she’s as big as an old stretched out pair of pantyhose? Are the ones that don’t even bring it up nice and tight, so the size of the cock doesn’t matter to them?

I have thought about this and I’d like to hear from you Ladies.

It is the tool or how you use it.

Like everything else in this world, if you ask a question to 20 different people you’ll get 20 different answers.

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