DAY TRIPPING--- this is a long one ya'll  

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9/18/2005 11:02 pm

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DAY TRIPPING--- this is a long one ya'll

OK I'll admit that most days for me would be pretty boring. Get up before 6 am, get my 2 girls off to school and me off to my 8 to 5 job-then home again to feed em and go thru the evening routine(food,homework, some tv and then bed for them, online for me to indulge my "mind" for awhile.

But If the opportunity arise(actually with my job, I can find the time in the day for surprises), how would you like to spend the Day? Assume that time , distance, or money isn't a consideration, what would the perfect 24 hours be like-and .
The only "restriction" is the day begins and ends at home-just like any other day.

My day would begin in the early morning, sitting on my front porch, coffee in hand, watching the sun come up. While fixing my second cup, a quick phone call to a new friend to confirm when she wishes to be picked up-and of course grinning when she asks, "do you know what time it is?" Then I gather up the bundle I got ready the night before, throw it all into the back of my van and off on an adventure I go.

It's not quite 8 am when i buzz the doorbell of her home and from the sound from inside, she's not quite ready for me to be there. But the smile on her face when she opens the door,still in a robe, tells me this is going to be fun. "Come in, coffee is on the counter. I'll hurry." "Take your time, we have all day" my response from the kitchen. Taking my coffee back to the couch, I see her down the hall and I wonder if she is aware that she needs none of the makeup she puts on in the mirror. Does she notice her robe has slipped open and, as she moves, plays peek-a-boo with me. She ducks out of sight and a few minutes later comes out looking fabulous yet casual and carrying a small backpack. Our goal for the day- a hike in the mountains getting to know each other with a picnic, maybe even a swim in a mountain lake or stream. we have a little over an hour to drive up and we spend the time talking about life, work, likes, etc. I had spent a lot of time as a kid up in Nutmeg Gorge above Lake Lure so I knew there were plenty of places to explore for someone who enjoyed that type of stuff as I did.

We arrived in the area we and started looking for a side road to take us away from the main highway, perhaps leading to a cabin unused in the late summer/early fall and we found one beside a trickle of water leading up the hill. Since the idea was to explore , we followed it to it's end and realize that it is probably an access road used by hunters during hunting season. Good enough to start, we park, throw a few snacks and drinks in a pack and set off on the first trail we come to. The air is still crisp with a slight fog still touching the tops of the highest hills. Sunlight filters thru the trees and as we walk, hand in hand, the sounds of nature comes at us from all directions. Birds calling from the treetops echo down the valley and the scurrying of small animal(and some not so small) lets us know we aren't alone. I slip my arm around her and it feels just right as we continue on. When we come to a new trail, or a boulder to climb we do, enjoying the talk about her, about me, about the beauty of the area. As we walk, we enjoy a few of the snacks we brought, as well as a cold drink or two( I prefer a mike's hard lemonade and she tries a flavored one). By now the sun was up, the fog gone, and we hear the sound of running water. Turns out to be one of the many small falls in the area. The sight couldn't be more beautiful, the company perfect so we look for a spot just to sit and enjoy the moment. We have another drink, by now getting a slight buzz, and start daring each other to climb on the rocks surrounding the clear pool at the bottom of this 40 foot waterfall. From atop one we realize that we can see the van from there( we'd been walking for a couple hours and ended up less than 200 yards from where we had started, and even better, with a little caution, we could drive up a trail we hadn't seen. So off we went laughing to bring it up. Our planned picnic now had a perfect spot.
First, however,we had to wash up and what better way than a swim. By now we'd both had enough to drink that we stripped-me to my briefs,her to bra and panties and ran into the water. IT WAS COLD and we screamed laughing at the sensation. Like kids we splashed each other, tugged at the other's "bathing suit" and found ourselves in a tight embrace in the cold water. The warmth of her body sent thrills thru me and I moved to press against her. Our lips met and the moment seemed to last forever. Standing in the icy water, I slipped my arms around her, fingers tracing circles on her back until they come to the small of her back and the swell of her hips. I slide my hands under them and pull her even tighter against me, the effect of the cold water no longer apparent. She feels me swelling and giggling, reaches down and runs her hand over my shorts and adjusts them so that I'm not in a bind. I run my finger along her jaw, tracing a line to her neck along her throat and down a strap to her bra where I gently squeeze the soft material and the flesh it holds. she guides my hand under the cup and I feel her nipple begin to respond. "Not here," I say, "Come on" , as I lead her to my van, lift the tailgate and guide her to the edge of the air mattress there. We kiss and she removes her bra showing me her small but perfectly formed breasts. I trace a circle around her nipple as I bend over and suck and nibble her earlobe. There's no rush so I slip up in the van behind her put my arms around her and slowly start kissing the side of her neck, the hollow at the bottom and begin to moved my hands across her belly, squeezing, exploring her belly button and working back up toward her breasts, all the time planting little kisses on her shoulders and back.
By now we are both stretched out on the mattress legs still hanging out of the back of the van. Laying on our sides, her hand roaming up and down my body, pausing whenever she traced the bulge in my shorts and I explored every inch squeezing and pinching. Finally, she rolled over on her back and pulled my head to her, kissing me and exploring my mouth with her tongue and my hands kneeded the flesh of her breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers then sucking them into my mouth when she squirmed. As I worked my lips and tongue over her breasts and down across her belly, she lay back, lifting her hips and sliding farther up on the mattress. I kneeled above her and she traced her nails across my stomach. Reaching my shorts, she pulled them down and my stiff rod stood out. I slipped my hands to her panties and as she lifted, I pulled and saw her, hair and lips still wet with the water we'd just left. I lowered my head a flicking of my tongue snared a drop of water glistening there. Her scent, washed in a clear mountain stream, made me get even harder than I thought I could get. I kissed her then full on the lips between the legs and traced my tongue along the ridge where they met. By now I wanted her so badly but first I wanted to taste her deeply, my tongue darting in, pushing between the puffy lips,seeking, tasting, moving up to her clit and sliding down and licking the juices as they ran even circling her tight butthole before returning to the object of my desire. I had turned as I licked and my hard shaft had brushed across an erect nipple. I could feel her breath on my balls as my head pistoned up and down between her legs and I suddenly felt her pull my cock between her lips tongue flicking at the drop of cum already there. I wanted to explode but not yet. I let her pull me into her mouth as I put my fingers deep into her and I sucked on her hardening clit. As I felt the tension begin to build in both of us, I pulled back gently pulling out of her mouth and repositioning myself, all the time my fingers busy tweaking her,thumb rubbing her clit and middle finger moving in and out. She reached out and pulled me down, the head of my cock pushing along her swollen cuntlips and entering as it bumped at the top. With her guiding me into her, I pushed ever so slowly, the feel of her sending shivers up my spine. I sank as deeply as I could, then began a rocking back and forth each time a little faster and a little harder, our groins seemed to spark. I could feel the rythym within her and my own explosion coming and they both seemed to climax at the same instant. I drove as deeply as I could into her and could hold back no longer, my cum in waves as the walls of her pussy pulled even more from me. As the last of the spasms ran their course I kissed her deeply as if to drink her in and then collapsed, spent.

When we could both move again, clinging to each other, we left the van and went back into the cold water where it all began. I washed her in the clear water and she did me. Then this time we came out of the water, dried off and finally got around to the picnic goodies we had expected to be our only tasty treat. Sitting there with towels wrapped around us , we realized that it was later than we had expected and we had to start back home soon. With food out of the way, we drank the rest of the alcohol we had(we had started the day with just enough to get a good buzz), sat wrapped in each others arms playing with each other's body and listened to the sounds of nature once more. Eventually we both realized that we had to stop and pack it up and head back home. And we did after one more quick splah in the water. All the way home we talked of other places to explore as well as each other. As I dropped her off at her home, lingered in a long grinding kiss, I didn't want to leave,I knew that I had never had a day so complete in my life.

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