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One day, while fishing under the I-94 bridge in West Central Wisconsin Gustov made a confession.

"Ve all been friends for tirty year and been tru a lot. I never told ya dis before cause I didn't Vanna ruin our friendship, but I'm gay."

Ole looked over at Sven and said, "We kinda figured dat out a vhile back, but vasn't gonna say nutting cause ve din't vanna embarrass you".

Gustov thanked them for their understanding and continued, "Da reason I'm tellin' ya dis is cause I got AIDS and I got only six munts to liv. You are da only family I got and I vant ya to promise me dat ya vont let dem barry me. I'm scared of dem caskets. I vanna be cremated. Den, I vant ya to trow my ashes from dat bridge into dis river vhere ve've spent so much time together." Ole and Sven wiped back a few tears, then agreed to do what their friend as asked.

By Golly, six munts later Gustov up and died.
They were standin' on the bridge with the ashes. Ole was about to trow them out when Sven stop him: "Vait, you gotta say sumting," he says.

"I don't know vhat to say. I never waz much bout goin' to church" Ole admitted.

Sven, he scratch his head, "Just say somting....anyting, Make it rhyme."

Ole, he tought about it a while and started trowing the ashes out over the river and said, "Ashes to ashes, Dus to dus, If you liked vomen, You'd be here wit us."

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