Interesting chinese pun  

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Interesting chinese pun

Once upon a time there were two young Chinese brothers named Ming and Hing. Both were devoted to the search for ultimate wisdom, but they differed greatly on how it was to be found. Hing favored education,
Ming relied on ancestral revelation. One day their pet chicken fell
ill, began to molt, and soon had lost all its feathers. The brothers decided that this would be an ideal test to see which brother's philosophy could cure the chicken.

Hing immediately went back to the university where he had previously studied ornithology and traditional Chinese medicine. His research
quickly uncovered a prescription of gum-tree leaf tea. Over a week
long period, he gathered specially grown gum-tree leaves and carefully dried them and brewed the tea himself using a variety of recipes. Hing carefully poured the tea into the chicken's mouth, hoping to heal the sick chicken.

Meanwhile, Ming traveled all around China, praying at the shrines of his ancestors. One night he had a dream. In his dream a series of ancestors told him to feed the chicken tea made from gum tree leaves.

Ming, aware of his brother's lack of success in this same venture, decided that the problem was in the brand of tea. Buying house branded boxed gum-tree tea bags at a supermarket, he tossed the bags into a little hot water, and then extolling the virtues and honor of his ancestors, asked them to heal the chicken.

The chicken for its part, seemed to hear and pecked at the cup of tea set before it.

Sadly, after both treatments, the chicken was still sick and as naked as a bowling ball. Apparently, all of Hing's courses and all of Ming's kin, couldn't make gum-tea refeather a hen.

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