Humor -Neologisms (new words/usages)  

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5/22/2005 9:04 am

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Humor -Neologisms (new words/usages)

Friendly Fire- A bullet that say hello to you before it hits you.

Graceful Degradation- Humiliating a person with "style"

annoyance- another nuance

serendipity- the act of becoming a laid back dip shit

Promulgate- A school dance at the Watergate Hotel

Precipitate- The act of preparing to take a sip from a straw

Precipitation - the process of preparing to sip on a straw

Higher order of Abstraction- Bull shitting as an art and applied to science

Flippant- a gymnastic ant

Oxymoron- and oriental slang expression for a white idiot

Denigration- the governmental EEO process

Concoction- the Hispanic term for the act of intercourse

Asphalt- the crack in your butt

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