Masterbation at work  

HardNNaughty71 45M
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5/10/2005 5:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Masterbation at work

Well, I made it through yesterday without sex or masturbation (and I felt like Josh Hartnett towards the end of 40 days and 40 nights) but I couldn't even make it through the work day today without indulging.
I spent most of the work day on here, checking out other blogs, writing a few of my own, checking out some profiles, etc. Lots of maximizing and minimizing of browsers. Needless to say I found a few blogs, a more than a few profiles with some very nice pics (thank you AdultFriendFinder members!). It wasn't long before I was sitting very low in my chair, with my chair pushed in as far as it could go, with a raging hard-on. Usually this is time for a "restroom" break, but not today. While I was scooted way under my desk, I unzipped my pants enough to free my burden. Scooting under even further, I was able to get my hand around the shaft and slowly start to stroke. I had to angle my upper body so no passersby could have a clear view of what I was doing. The feeling of my hand sliding up and down my hard shaft and across the head of my penis felt incredibly good, and I think the fact that I really had to hide what I was doing (along with the possibility of being caught and the consequences if I was caught) made it that much better.
I wanted to make it last to enjoy it as long as possible, but I figured I'd better not push it so within moments I was spraying the underside of my desk with streams of hot cum. After I thought I was done I quickly zipped up only to then realize that I had a couple of pumps left in me (oops). Off to the bathroom I ran to peform as good a cleanup job as one could do at work, and I came back to my desk to notice drops of whiteness falling from my desk onto the floor. A couple mops with kleenex and the evidence (other than my flushed face and glossed-over eyes) was gone.
The perfect crime!

intrsd 69M
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5/10/2005 6:41 pm

I like it, having felt like this many times, but only on a Sat. when no one was around and used the hand cream on the secretarys desk. Oh so good. I would love to play with some one else'es shaft.

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