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9/2/2005 2:04 pm

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Okay so as we all know most of the men on this site have ejaculated at least once, but what about the women, they say that about 3 in 10 women have a true orgasm, meaning that they squirt. That's only 30% of us. Lets face it those stats such! Literally. Now lets not kid ourselves have an orgasm during sex is great but having a g- spot is better and there's no faking this one your man is gonna know. And this ladies is where the multiples are so important. So have you SQUIRTED? If not here's a tip insert your middle finger into your vagina until you feel your g-spot, it's ridged and feels like a peach pit, hense the I could eat a peach. That my friends is the magic button, so now that you know what it feels like you need to direct your man to that spot. he should be sitting or kneeling on your left side for his left hand, or your right side for his right hand, He should insert two fingers, whichever is most comfortable, and in a scissor like fashion he should start to stroke your g- spot, ladies lay back and enjoy,he can gently place his other hand on your pelvic area to gain stability, when you start to feel something let him know. He can switch between the scissor motion and a come hither motion placeing his two fingers together and gently pulling towards the g-spot. As you breath harder he needs to pick up the pace. He should be prepared to use the same hand throughout, as switching could lose the orgasm. He will know you have climaxed as he will be wet. You will know you are close as you will want to stop, thinking you are going to pee yourself. Ladies this is not pee this is CUM. And it feels great so instead of stopping him, bare with him and release , relax your muscles and let it squirt. Please note that it can be wet so you may want to lay a towel down, and try and do it on his side of the bed. It is a clear liquid and doesn't smell. Don't be frustrated if it doesn't happen right away. The fun is in trying. PS I was scared shitless when I had my first one but it surely wasn't my last! If you have any comments or want to help the ladies out with your tips, please feel free. Thanks for listening and good luck. If we ever hook my man would be happy to help

SoljerBlu 39M

9/2/2005 3:02 pm

Read my blog and you'll see I understand completely. Once I get my whole hand unto and into you, you will come.. and I enjoy little more than licking and sucking up all that you can shoot out. Pleasure for another is real pleasure for one who knows

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9/5/2005 11:37 am

Wow learn somthing new everyday Scissiors on the G spot thnks for the info Bigred

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