How can there be 1,287 women looking for me in a town of 867?  

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7/9/2005 9:04 am

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How can there be 1,287 women looking for me in a town of 867?

Having my gender changed to "prefer not to say", and when I go thru the procedure to contact AdultFriendFinder to fix it, it logs me out. Same thing that happened to my last profile THAT'S unreal.

How can there be 1,287 women looking for me in a town of 867?

Why is my profile approved for 4 days, then I get the message I need to update my profile?
At which time I find my entire profile info (except the gender, which I can't get changed) has disappeared.

Why do I get this message every Friday evening(and ONLY on Friday evenings)..."You need to update your profile..."?

Why have I gotten emails from 4 different people(all male profiles) that say,

Hi! Excuse me for using my cousin`s account. Contact me at
(email addy deleted by me). I like adventures in all their is a good
example. Are you adventurous? Let`s chat and find out. Laters

and I get this same exact same reply everytime...
Hi there- ! I just got your email. Just to be sure, you are that guy on
AdultFriendFinder right? Sorry for the profile weirdness,I promise I will make it up
to you *wink* I'm glad that you wrote though. So... what are you doing
tonight? Saturday is one night that I refuse to stay home! I may go
have dinner then a party,or just go straight to this party my g/f is
invited to. In any event, I feel like partying a bit Do you have any

so what are you up to? I am feeling a little naughty right now. Just
checking my messages and surfing for some new porn. Do you like to watch
porn? Alot of guys think it is soo weird that I like it, its funny.
What kinds of things are you into? I guess my favorite thing is oral, i
love both giving and receiving. 69 can be really fun too!

I attached my pic to the email so you can see me, tell me what you
think (or what you would like to do to me would be ok too) You can check
out my homepage too, it has some more info about me.. and a some more
pics (deleted web addy by me)dianneshomepage

Do you want to chat? You can reach me on (messenger name deleted by me) at lostinsummer22, I will
be on for another hour or so.

Talk to you soon, I hope
xoxo, Dianne

I have to admit I have had no problems like this on our couples profile, but we are paid members on that one. How much longer...I don't know.

Now I doubt very much this will get past the review board(or whatever the hell they are), but I can overload their dumbasses and put my foot in their asses(Thanks Red! ) with posting it multiple times....what do I care...this profile is no longer viewable by searches looking for men since I have no fucking gender!!!

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