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8/20/2005 2:56 pm

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Hello all. Let me start by saying I'm taking my own advice in doing this blog thing. I hope it will help me see myself a little more clearly to write things down for the whole world, metaphorically speaking, to see. All comments are appreciated as long as you try to be constructive.
I began my "AdultFriendFinder Quest for Sexual Adventure" at a turning point in my life. The woman who I thought was my perfect match and was engaged to be married to, informed me that she really wasn't interested in sex anymore and that she thought we should seperate. Now this wasn't a complete suprise to me. Her natural affection and enthusiasm for our sex play had been noticeably cooling for the past year, but it was still difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Was there some one else? Had my natural tendency to flirt pushed her too far? Was my bisexuality too much for her to handle, even tho I restrained myself from acting on it during our relationship? In short, was it something wrong with me or something I had done? In the past month of reflecting on it, seeing other people, and talking with her, I have come to understand it's not my fault or hers. There's noone else. She still really enjoys talking and sharing things between us. Just not sex. That, in itself is kinda hard for me to understand tho, mainly because sex is such a big part of my existence, but I am willing to admit I don't have the answer to the meaning of life, even for myself. Yet. lol
So, there are people who don't have this overwhelming need for eroticism in their lives, but there are other people who do. Somehow this amicable split with what I had thought would be my lifelong partner in erotic exploration has pushed me over the edge, into the realm of complete wantonness and I am exploring my sexuality with you kindred spirits here on AdultFriendFinder. More later.

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8/27/2005 1:51 pm

Baby...find yourself a gorgeous busty BBW who will ride you all night long, and then cuddle while you talk and share. You will most likely have luck finding that special lady who would be interested in experiementing in your bi-sexual side too! Hell, I know I would!

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