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5/11/2006 7:26 pm

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I am averse to romantic impulsiveness, because I have high demands for the kind of person I will be with and don't want to make mistakes that complicate my life. I am known to have a happy, caring, and optimistic approach to life and need a lot of stimulation. This means I might not make a firm attachment unless I have someone who can maintain the same curiosity about life and the same high energy, therefore I find it harder than easier to find my counterpart. Looking for someone just like myself will give me a better chance for a soul mate.

I don't let my emotions run wild when I first meet someone great, however it's not such a terrible thing if someone else does it, it might warm up the relationship enough to get it going.

I have strong opinions and I like things just so, however my personality is modified by the fact I am willing to let someone else take the lead. I tend to be the person in the relationship that lets the other person dominate a large number of decisions and most of the time, that doesn't bother me.

I like a structured life, I plan and care how things are done, therefore with all that said, I can be a collaborative type of person and would like someone to add a little spice and expressiveness to my life to create more drama, however a general approach to love and to daily life with an emotional temperament may intrigue me better.


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