thunderstorms and sex  

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8/4/2006 5:29 pm

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thunderstorms and sex

yesterday it rained and i went to a friends house as i always do just to check on her to make sure erything was ok because we were having a really bad storm. i was covered in oil almost from head to toe. i always wear tight wrangler jeans and a white t-shirt. anyways not knowing at the time what thunderstorm done to her emotionally. so i walked into the house. and what she sees in from her point of view is how she put it "trouble in a good way". i never knew thunderstorms made her so very horny ,so we proceeded to talk a liitle i asked if there was anything she needed while i was around. and damn then it was on. the next thing i knew my shirt was ripped off and my jeans were right behind the shirt. i started kissing her neck and gently running my finger tips down her back as i softly bit her neck. i kissed and licked my way down her back. then i turned her around and looked into her green eyes . i kissed her softly that soon turned into a heated kiss, i started kissing down her chest then i played with her nipples with my tongue. then slowly continuing down the rest of her body with my tongue. i slowly played with her clit with the tips of my tongue. then i came up she said i want you i gave in and proceeded to slide my rock hard cock deep inside of her. and so in doing so we continued in making love the rest of the night way into the early mourning hours

Tr0ubl3NmInD 41F

8/4/2006 10:21 pm

Damn wish i was her

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