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11/24/2005 5:01 pm

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College_Man_23 is a LOSER...handle should be more like Little_Boy_23. Why contact me, pursue me, only not to go through with the rendezvous? Me arranging my precious time to see someone who obviously changed his mind, but did not have the class to properly inform someone, is the true sign of being a LOSER. My little available time could have been spent with a REAL man...perhaps YOU, my attractive gentleman reader? UPDATE...he viewed my profile today, under the handle of BlueLabel82...different handle...same LOSER...lmao!

BrikThik...what a closeted loser...wasting my precious time...wanting things only on his terms and for his benefit, with nothing to offer in return...he is the very reason I am off relationships at this time...so glad I didn't sleep with him...would have been fucked twice...HAHA

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