Passions Rain- My Fantasy  

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4/24/2006 10:12 pm

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Passions Rain- My Fantasy

All at once an electrifying flash followed by the rolling clamor of thunder off in the distance. We depart on our late summer trip to sail the deep oceans blue. The morning was warm and troubled with a storm on the horizon ready to explode. The southwestern swell rolling frantically out of the path of such fury. Our craft is vulnerable rocking without reason to mother natures call. Standing on the teak wood deck, one hand holding the mast, you’re other on my muscular arm. The mist from the ocean blows quickly across the deck.

We submit to the moment and share a frightened grin. Your silhouette is wet dripping with anticipation. Your mist soaked linen cover now exposing what once was disguised and concealed from my eyes. Like lighthouses on their watch your excitement pushes through. The tempest now behind us, we have won, together we have beaten her fury. We sail into a lagoon of protection very near this beautiful place. Sheer rock walls can be seen with thousands of birds. Two seals detect our arrival and splash into the water as we enter the cove. We breathe a sigh of relief, both now safe from the storm. Our rapid pulse reminds us were alive.

The shore of this unknown place is dotted with pelicans and seagulls bright white flying high. The water exposes an immense crystal blue with dark coral silhouettes dancing just out of reach. We pause. We share a single embrace in the tropic sun. You seek comfort burying your face into my chest. You feel my heart beat and the excitement in my breath.
Our eyes lock as you stand on your toes to taste my salty kiss. Grabbing both sides of your face in my masculine hands, you melt. Your body exposed as I peel your soaked clothes from your shoulders. Your tanned skin is warm to the touch, supple, and divine. Reaching deeper into your hair my fingers hold you near.

Together exposed in the warm piercing sun, it is time to celebrate our victorious race. Leaning back atop the deck I take my place. Your deep sensual eyes staring back into mine. On your knees with hands on top of my thighs, nails making their mark. Your long hair blows gently in the wind, kissed by the sun. The sensation of my ear between your teeth causes my insides to swell. You lustfully whisper my name. Oh Sean! The moist gesture to my ear causes my confidence to posture. I only have my shorts to conceal the full length of my masculine soul. Peeling my shorts to the boat deck you stop and admire the thickness of what soon will be yours. Leaning forward you lick my left nipple now hard, excited, and warm. Your hands fully committed to pulling my shaft. You sink lower staring into my eyes you grip the base with full abandon.

Touching the tip with your lips and flicking it with licks. My skin smooth and hot a bold response to your advances. You slide me into your mouth and taste the intentions of my desire. I moan. Grabbing your hair I support every motion. Your love causes an electrified shudder through my mind. I touch your inner thighs and you realize I want to taste your precious prize. Pushing you back in the scattered morning sun, a predator takes his prey. The deck is cold and wet on your back. My massive shoulders support me over your body as I stare with intense blue eyed fire. My tongue races down your neck, across your breasts. Your breathing reacts as if you're being chased. You gasp.
Taking your nipple into my mouth I savor every inch as you bump and grind my way. My tongue races down your stomach to taste your passion. I grab your ankles in an effort to fulfill your needful pleas. I take your layers into my mouth hard. Burying my face into what you have hid from the world. Your wild bucking makes it difficult to maintain command and control. For a moment the world goes silent.

Lifting my head you demand my vessel now. Pulling me near, your body makes it clear. You desire my flesh and intense blue eyed passion. A light tropical mist begins to fall. Sliding inside your secret finally exposed. We both moan. My rhythmic thrusts elevate your senses higher. Our tempo increases as you bite my shoulder. Your fingers explore the defined ripple down the center of my back. Your eyes widen as you realize the full size of what makes me a man.

Your climax resonates toward the shorelines around. Birds fly from their cliff as your screams abound. Both bodies now spent lay dazed and satisfied. Lying on our backs we hold each other close looking toward the sky as Passions Rain.

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4/25/2006 8:18 am

off to a gud start ~grinz~

welcome to da blogz

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4/26/2006 2:50 pm

very good start !!!

[size1] welcome back lover

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

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