Definition of Man  

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4/26/2006 8:36 pm
Definition of Man

Extreme hunger creates a deafening tone;
a lion is driven far from his home.

Reintroduced to natures strange dance;
in search of his prey without ever a chance.

Growing hard and thick with lustful desire,
thrilled as his eye sparkles bright with blue fire.

Intense growls heard from far away lands;
his needs primal holding reckless demands.

Hot panting matched by each long stride;
his wide paws support each step with pride.

Gorgeous mane flows over his powerful chest;
his pace cuts through this opaque early mist.

Off in an instant with a flick of his tail;
he spots and views his prey from a nearby hill.

Blue fire dances in his predators’ eye;
a need to indulge the restless beast inside.

Gracefully quick his decision now exposed;
pouncing on his prey her eyes wide closed.

He tastes the essence that makes her his prey;
insatiably feeding as though his last day.

Mouth glazed from her responsive desire;
he licks his lips to savor her bodies fire.

Breathing hard having found their satisfaction;
they lay in lieu of tonight’s transaction.

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