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7/11/2006 9:26 am

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Fantasy & Reality

There is definately a line between fantasy and reality- it's not even a line- it's really a wide gulf that isn't crossed easily. Being a live person requires living in reality, but as a creative person I try to spend as much time exploring the realm of fantasy as possible; that's why I enjoy this site so much.

I have many fantasies- I have thought alot about what turns me on, and how I can imagine certain encounters playing out. Actually, I quite enjoy the thought process, and I especially enjoy developing the ideas with a partner. There is, however, a big difference between talking and thinking and actually doing!

Doing is the tricky part. There are certainly things I fantasize about that I would not do in real life. I don't say I would never do something; in fact, I find fewer and fewer things that I have never done, and many things I thought were taboo turn me on more than ever now!

The mind is a complicated and confusing thing. I like it that way. The most exciting thing is experiencing something new; that's why I enjoy fantasy so much. When two people get together and explore ideas together it gives each one a chance to go places mentally they never been before.

For me, my newest fantasy involves reality. I get turned on thinking about all the fun and games we can play together. Thinking about really playing it out, though, is a whole new level of excitement! I get a thrill just thinking about taking the next step. I could go on and on about what my fantasies are, but I go to a new level when I think there is a chance of actually living out my fantasy with a partner- FOR REAL!!!

That is the ultimate thrill, in my opinion; dreaming up the perfect encounter and then living it out-

Anyone want to play?

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