Do Earth Muffins make good lovers?  

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8/21/2005 9:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do Earth Muffins make good lovers?

Why Do Earth Muffins make good lovers?

I would like to try an earth muffin. I find them some what strange as they are moist often vegetarians or even vegans, do you finds that so? It seems as though they are most always in a good mood and never fat. Does any one else like all that hair? It turns me on hairy legs, do you call them peaches? I had a dream that I was sheering some sheep and this earth muffin got all excited and we sheered her rite down to her pussy; it was something to see a bold pussy on an earth muffin. It was only a dream. Do you think an earth Muffin would make a good mother? This is if she hasn’t done too many drugs.
I have got to have me an Earth Muffin that’s all there is to it!


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