WOULD YOU.......................  

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2/1/2006 11:07 pm

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5/13/2006 11:27 pm

WOULD YOU.......................

Would you die for someone? And if so Who?
Right now there are 7 people I would die for.
4 of which are my children, thats a givin.

mrrdking told me tonite on the phone he would die for me!!

Now this is not a comment to be taken lightly!

Would you die for someone? Who? And who do you think would do the same for you?

How deep does your love for someone go? Children and family are a givin, But I am talking a lover, or a friend.

SweetAlissaXoXo I would die for her, she is my best bud. And I can honestly say I would take a bullet for her or give her a kidney....lol

Gimme your thoughts people!


007sexy40plus 51F  
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2/2/2006 6:18 am

I have three people I would die for and they are my children. I would not die for some man, because when I am cold and laying in the ground, that ass will still be having fun and living large and will have forgotten me as soon as they cover my dark ass with dirt.

Hell I am so selfish I don't even want to die for myself, but I know that is inevitable.

Death is final there is no going back.. Like you, I think that is some serious suff when someone say they will die for you.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

pickthisguy11 37M
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2/2/2006 9:14 am

I would die for my son. In fact, I almost did recently when he was distracting me by saying cute shit from the backseat. Apparently it is dangerous to turn around to cut the pickle.

Tickle tickle


2/2/2006 9:27 am

straightten2002--- You know I turely believe he loves me that much he would die for me!

Dreamseeker71--Yeah my list too, it would be much longer.

mzhunyhole--Yeah, I hear ya!


2/2/2006 9:42 am

pickthisguy11-- OMG, you better watch that!!!

MrNuttz05 49M

2/2/2006 2:53 pm

H-N-B, Indeed a thoughtful question & a great topic... I can honestly say that I would just for anybody that I care about... I guess after being in the Military & laying it on the line in 'Desert Storm' for this country, I kind of viewed life in a different way. Do I have a death wish? No... Suicidal? No... I just put my heart into the few that I call friends, family, & for whatever cause I am supporting... I believe that something grand is waiting for me on the other side. Now, here is the real question? Do you think that there is 'porn' in heaven????


2/2/2006 10:28 pm

MrNuttz05-- I believe heaven is what you make it, that it is full of what makes you happy.... so sure, there will be porn in heaven!

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