Today I thought about you................  

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1/22/2006 6:10 pm

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Today I thought about you................

I am standing in my room, lighting candles, waiting for you to get there. Phil Collins "In the air tonight" playing on the radio.
I feel a firm but gentle hand grasp my hair from behind. Im kinda startled,and excited. I know who it is. You pull my head back by my hair, and gently kiss my neck,as your other hand runs down my side,til your hand gets to my wrist. You take hold of my wrist,firm,and pull it behind my back. you let go of my hair, but cont. to kiss my neck,and run your other hand down my right side. I feel you pull both my wrist behind me, and I feel something cold around my wrist. I get excited at the thought you have brought your cuffs.
As you bite down on my neck,with a firm but gentle grasp,you clamp the cuffs around my wrist.
It takes my breath at the thought of what is on your mind and your plans for me. You cont. to bite and kiss my neck from one side to the next. I feel a cloth come over my face, your blind folding me. My breathing gets faster, and I am feeling warm and flushed.
You are still behind me,you run your hands from my large,erect nipples, to my ever so wet panties. I can hear your approval in a little moan you let out after feeling how wet my panties are.
You then turn me around,place your hands on both sides of my face,and gently kiss my lips,as you push me to the wall. You then unbutton my silk top and let it fall down my arms til it can go no further due to the cuffs. I feel you step back. I can hear your breathing,and I know your standing in front of me, but what are you doing? I go to step forward to find you, and you push me back to the wall. You turn me around facing the wall,blind folded,and hands cuffed behind my back,unable to do anything,you gently slide my panties to the floor.
I feel your hands running all over my bottom,down my outer thighs,up my inner thighs. I can feel your warm breath on my ass,and my pussy is now on fire. My juices start to run down my thighs. My ass moves with your every touch.
Then without warning "smack!!!", your large hand leaves a red print on my ass, you leave my ass cheek on fire. And it just makes me squirm more, and want more.
You notice I was pleasured by this, and harder, you smack the other side. I let out a little whimper,but at the same time feel pleasure.
You get a firm grasp on a hand full of my hair, push my face to the wall, and with even more force you smack my ass nice and hard, so hard it echo's through the room. I give you an even louder moan of pleasure.
Still with a hand full of hair,you turn me around,towards the bed. You bend me over the bed,shoving my face into the mattress . You take a firm grip on the cuffs, and hold me in place with one hand, as you undo your pants with the other.
I hear your pants drop to the ground, as I get yet another firm smack on the ass, that mmmmmmmmm felt so good. I fell your hand run through the juices that are down my thighs,up to my pussy, that is well beyond soaked. You run your hand up and over my pussy and over my little asshole. You then take your cock and run it up and down my thighs, to my pussy. I am so ready for you to fill my pussy with that hard cock.
And before I even know what hit me, I feel pain,as your shoving the head of your cock into my little asshole. I scream out,and you grab both my thighs and cont. to push your cock into my ass.
When you have the full length filling my ass to your balls, you hold it there. I am now covered with sweat, breathing heavy,my legs so weak,hardly able to stand.
You still have a firm grip on my hips, not letting me move.
And you finally start to move again, slowly pulling your cock out and sliding it slowly back in. You let go of my thighs,and grab the back of my hair and pull my head back,leaning over,you kiss my lips,so gentle and soft. While your cock is sliding in and out,the pain is gone,and pleasure has taken it's place.
I want you to go faster,I want you to go harder. I start shoving my ass against you,wanting more. Waves of pleasure come over me, as I cumm harder then ever before.
You take my head and shove it back in the bed, and are giving me all you have, hard and fast,making me scream for more. Then I feel it, I feel that hot load filling my ass,as I hear you, for the first time, moaning loud,as you release into my sweet little ass. Feeling that cock throbbing in my ass, you have me cumming again. Both of us sweating and breathing heavy, you collapse on top of me.
After your finished, you remove the cuffs,and the blind fold, you roll me onto my back, you move the hair from my eyes and you kiss my lips. And as you lay there staring into my eyes,and you say " I love you, my little one."



1/22/2006 10:45 pm

longhairednikki-- Tis just a lil fantasy of

methodman1000 40M
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1/23/2006 4:53 am

you just made me precum......brb


1/23/2006 9:10 am


mrrdking 59M

1/23/2006 5:34 pm

I didn't know you wrote all that down after I fell asleep...


1/23/2006 8:48 pm


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2/14/2006 6:21 am

The people who think openly about the sex bring more happiness in the body and pleasure for the eyes. The women who recognize desires of the men and the women for its body only demonstrate to more freedom and intelligence with the reality. The demagogy destroys the personality of the false ones. Fuck all the men or women who your desire to intensely obtain and alive the moments that deserve language, mouth, does not import fuck and fuck with the intensity that the body demands.
Congratulations, You are wonderful. Fernando - Brazil.

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