My World Is Black And Cold,Just Leave Me Alone...LOL  

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1/11/2006 9:49 pm

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My World Is Black And Cold,Just Leave Me Alone...LOL

Damn I feel like deep fried dog shit.......
I hate feeling sick, and I can't miss work, for 1 it is payday tomorrow, for 2 we are too short handed.
And damn it,I am MISSING mrrdking
He is out of the state due to work. Sure I can talk to him on the phone,while he is laying naked on his king size bed,in the motel, but gggrrrrrrrrrrrr I wish I was there. Just thinking of what I could be doing to him right now,sick or not, drives me insane!!!!!
Well I have been doing some on-line searching, and a few guys in my life have been lieing, and I have found out. I hate it when people piss me off.
And who the hell is that spreading shit about tiller? I am thinking it has to do with the other shit. How many profiles on here do you think one person has? (todd) Obvs. the crazy ass had some brains. He had everyone on here trusting him.
And the blogland wars go on? Why can't we all just get along?


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