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She carefully checked the temperature of the running bath water. It was just a tad above pleasant, just hot enough to lightly redden the skin. She poured some milky bubble bath into the tub in a swirling motion hoping to get it blended and loaded with bubbles.

Looking in the mirror, she gazes at her somewhat out-of-shape body. At 35, time is beginning to show it’s wear and tear on her shape. The proverbial middle-aged spread, fine lines and tiny wrinkles, and a few minute spider veins that ran the length of her legs.

No wonder her husband had begun to show less and less interest in her intimately. But she still had the longings of a much younger woman.

Sucking in her belly, and turning sideways, she sees that time has been kind to her voluptuous breasts. They still had their firmness and were just as perky as those of a youthful woman. Large, full and well rounded.

Stepping over the side of the bathtub, she slowly lowered herself into the sweltering water allowing the tiny bubbles to gently caress her skin. She lay back and allowed the lather to cover the swells of her belly and her breasts.

Though the bathtub was a rather long soaking tub, her breasts just seemed to float on the surface of the foam. She reached and lightly tweaked one of her nipples, only to have it respond immediately to even the slightest touch. And without regard, her other nipple joined in, erect and pointing skyward.

The steam rising from the frothy waters, she tenderly cupped both her breasts in each hand and massaged them gently.

She felt a warming sensation, even hotter than the still intense water, whirling up inside her as she leisurely lowered her right hand down the curves of her belly. Stopping just short of her pubic hair.

She stood and reached on the shelf and took down the shaving cream and a disposable razor. Squeezing out just enough, she sat on the edge of the tub and began to apply the cream along the top edge and then moving downward, she realized how this was really exciting her. She could actually feel the swelling of her lips as she slid her fingers along the sides to smear the cream. The moisture she feels now isn’t just from the shaving cream.

Taking a razor, she opens wide her legs, and starts on the left side of her slightly parted lips. Seeing the reflection in the mirror that surrounded the tub, she is so aroused by the sight of baring her twat. She rinses the razor and then slides it up the right side of her lips, looking to see that no hair remained. Oh my! How young it looked! Almost like a pre-pubescent girl. She couldn’t help herself now and decided to shave around her clit. Very carefully, she rounded the top of the split,and then she saw her throbbing clit, protruding from the opening. Swollen and engorged, she knew she was only moments away from a self-induced orgasm.

She continued to shave but decided to just leave a heart-shaped patch of hair right at the top of her pussy. She rinsed it completely and just stood back and stared at it. Her clit was still pulsing and now she reached down and felt the smoothness of her clean shaven mound. Using just the tip of her forefinger, she slowly encircled her clit. Knowing the end result was fulfillment of her desire, she stopped and decided to finish her bath.

But it was absolutely useless. The sight of her now naked pussy, clean-shaven, bald, and the moisture glistening on it was just too much. She lay back in the water and began to apply more pressure as she rotated her three longest fingers over her clit. How can a woman ever make a man understand that THIS is what really gets her off? Not the deep thrusting of his hardened dick, nor the biting of her nipples… but this. The constant rhythm of something, anything, grinding against her clit.

Her legs tense, her heart quickens, her breaths are labored now. And suddenly, that rush of sensations beyond human perception. The flood that seems to escape her body as her pussy pulsates and throbs and swells.

The white creamy-clear fluid that flows as she cums and cums. Will it ever stop?

So much for that hot bath. Now the once-foamy bathwater had taken on a more lukewarm appeal. And the bubbles had disintegrated into a slight ring of tinier foam along the edge of the tub.

Her breathing slowed to a more normal pace and she languidly finished her bath.


rm_bronzbuns2 62M
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Very nice. I'd like to see you in a tub this way.

diesel_118 33M

2/25/2006 11:58 pm

Wow makes me wanna do that to a special lady right now

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