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I feel very tense tonight, and have an incredibly strong yearning for release. Sitting naked on my bed, I turn to glance at my reflection in the full length mirror on the wall. I admire my bright red hair, deep blue eyes, and creamy, freckled skin. My gaze wanders over my rather large, round breasts and their pink, sensitive nipples: soft globes of flesh that seem to invite caresses and fondling. A smile touches my full lips as I slip my hand down across the front of my chest, lightly passing over one nipple, feeling it harden beneath my palm's passage. I blush with arousal as an electric tingle shoots straight to my clit, which begins to demand attention. I resist, at least for now...

I let my other hand drop down past my tummy to caress the top of my bare thigh. My legs are long, White cotton socks adorn my feet, at the moment my only item of clothing.

I close my eyes, tilting my head back, wondering if I should pleasure myself, or perhaps only tease. My fingers roam over my chest, pausing to roll a nipple. I lick my lips in anticipation.

I decide I really need an orgasm tonight.

But how? My mind tingles with possibility. Glancing over my shoulder, I consider the soft coverings of the bed, imagining myself reclining, legs apart, and beginning my climb to ecstasy. Turning my eyes toward the bathroom, I consider the waiting tub. Were it to be filled with hot, steamy water, and liberal amounts of scented bubblebath, it could become my personal oasis of paradise.

My hand moves slowly from my thigh to my soft pubic mound. The feel of the fine, reddish-blonde hair is enticing and exotic tonight. I brush one fingertip lightly against my clitoris, and my desire swells. My gaze settles on the full-length mirror. I want something new tonight, something exciting.

My breath increases and my heart races as I make my decision. I close my eyes once more, and allow my fingertips to rub rhythmically against my clit in mesmerizing circles. This sends surges of pleasure through me. I quiver with lust, my arousal making me weak, and lay back on the bed. I move so that my left hand palms a breast, while my right continues to work erotic magic on my love button. As if transfixed, my eyes slip open and stare at my flushed face in the mirror. Not daring to touch myself directly anymore, I slide my fingers off my clit and into my wet vagina. My pussy quivers, sending throbs of arousal through me. The sensation is almost like sex, yet with an edge of teasing, not satisfaction. I begin to wonder if I could stop myself now. Am I past the point of no return?

Squirming beneath my sensual ministrations, I force myself to a sitting position and peer into the mirror. I want to witness my own orgasm.

My legs open as my fingers pump in and out a little faster. My shapely rear grinds against the satin sheets and my eyes fight to stay open.

Abruptly, I stop. My desire crests just below the threshold of orgasm, and I moan in delicious frustration.

Tonight I need to see everything up close. Though my knees are weak, I manage to rise from the bed. I slowly approach the mirror, staring intently at my hard, pointed nipples and damp, glistening thighs. Sliding up to within a few inches of the glass, I rub the swollen nub of flesh buried just inside the tingling folds of my pussy. I gasp and feel my entire body quiver in response. My free hand finds a nipple and squeezes, increasing the sensation to almost irresistible levels. On shaky legs I repeat the movements again and again, my swollen, eager lips and buzzing clit letting me know that they can take little more. My orgasm begins to build deep inside my body. I shiver almost continually now, my eyes fighting to remain open. The urge to collapse onto the bed is strong, I strain to keep my balance and remain standing.

Sweat glistens across my upper arms, as the heat of my blood causes my body to flush with more and more warmth. Faster and faster I move, my slippery fingertips running in circles across my feverish, pulsing clit. The soft inner wetness of my pussy increases and I moan again, eyes fluttering. I watch myself draw ever closer to total release, marveling at the incredible sensations that are sweeping through my entire body. I tap the aroused node of flesh protruding from my soaking pussy, toying with it, stroking it, ever harder, until at long last my orgasm swells beyond all restraint.

I go up on tiptoe as I cum, the incredible climax raging through my nearly helpless body. I am able to feel the inner walls of my pussy contract and release. My clit throbs and pulses and all strength drains from me as my orgasm erupts. I reach one arm out and brace myself against the wall, fighting the feminine weakness that spreads through me like wildfire. I moan and gasp, unable to keep silent as the unbelievable wave of ecstasy flows outward from my pussy to every part of me.

After what seems an eternity, I sigh as the orgasm recedes into beautiful afterglow. I pause another moment, taking one last look at my weak, fulfilled body in the mirror, then turn. On wobbly legs I reach the bed and sit. I stretch languidly, pointing my toes.

Slowly, I reach for my panties.

daighi 49M
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1/1/2006 4:44 am

Have you ever noticed before,that when you REALLY want to orgasm,it just seems impossible to do so?

It's like your mind is telling you one thing,but your body is saying something else?

The sensations seem to grow in intensity,but you never seem to get there,until finally,something triggers in your body,& it learns to just let go.What was the stimulus that brought you to your pinnacle?
What was that erotic image that finally released your desire?

Theres always an erotic thought or image that does it for me,i'm assuming that you have one for yourself?For me,i just imagine that i'm fucking this HOT lady from behind & she's shouting at me to fuck her harder,while she cums on my cock.That usuallly does the trick...unless of course i AM actually fucking a woman at the time..

I just love how you describe the way your pussy gets so wet.God... i just LOVE a WET pussy,& erect nipples...it's so erotic!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



rm_Smile_My_Way 59M
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1/1/2006 6:44 am

To orgasm or not to orgasm, that is the question.
My question is, why is it so hard to decide something that pleasures us so much. I say one shouldn't hesitate to answer this. There is only one answer, ORGASM!!!


1/1/2006 7:37 am


tmdt4u 61M

1/1/2006 10:00 am

sure hate to see a good orgasum wasted so am gratful to let us enjoy it with you/your such a fox


1/1/2006 3:58 pm

tmdt4u---THANK YOU BABE.

naughtyandy4u 61M

1/3/2006 11:22 pm

I really enjoyed your oh so erotic description. I too enjoy prolonging my orgasm, the longer I keep it simmering the harder I cum. prolonging orgasm makes my cock thicker, harder, till the head shines and my balls tighten till I can stand it no longer, then cum spurts forth as my whole body shudders and shakes,
Reading your piece again I take my cock in hand and begin to stroke slowly along its length................

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