Live for the moment  

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8/7/2006 9:24 am

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Live for the moment

Mandie is an attractive girl who enjoys life. She is afraid of settling down. She dates constantly but is empty. She has the idea that princess charming will sweep her off her feet.
She has a high sex drive and expensive taste. She only likes the fine things in life.
One afternoon while shopping in Cartier she meets the sexy man in New York City. She can't stop staring. She fantasied about having sex with him on the counter of the store. She starts to get hot and her lips start to throb. She is getting hot and starts to sweat. She is not sure if she is excited about the big diamonds in the store or the big package of this hot sexy latin man. She purchased the diamond and leaves the store. She said nothing to him and was very frustrated. He was everything she wanted but did nothing. She comes home to her Manhattan apartment and notices some flowers. It is from her first true love. The card read live the moment and stop regretting your decisions.
She looks at this as a sign. She is watching the news and she sees the hot guy on TV and he is a billionaire. This is right up her alley. She regrets that she did not make a move.
She starts to think about her ex. He was not that attractive but very smart. He left his number on the card and requested they meet this Friday. She was not sure if she should meet. They dated in college and were the best of friends. He was in a terrible car accident and had burns all over his face. He left school and never returned again. Mandie regretted not finding him. She thought to herself u only live once and I am in love with this man. He is smart and respectful. He is not rich and not the sexiest man but he was good to me. So Mandie decided to go meet him for dinner and to apologize for not looking for him. She goes to dinner and low in behold it is the hot sexy man from the Cartier store. The billionaire. She approaches him and he starts to smile. As she gets closer she sees a scar on his face. She states are you Marco and he states yes. She apologized to him and started to kiss him. She says I will not let u go this time. He pushed her away and said are u ready to live for the moment. Stop and smell the roses.
Mandie did not care how many people were in the restaurant. She went under the table and pulled out this big package. She started to lick the tip and took all of it in her mouth. She climb on top of him and put it in. That was the best sex she has had in the last 4 years. Everything she had been looking for was right under her nose. She just never lived for the moment. Since she had a second chance she was not going to regret it.
We all make mistakes and pre-judge. No one is perfect. It is so important not to get caught up in the fantasy world. Live for today because u are not promise tomorrow.

TheCelt35 52M
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8/7/2006 11:10 am

great story with a great moral...welcome to blogland

term0821seven 42M

1/24/2008 7:55 am

Real talk, you made a decision of mine alot easier to deal with.

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