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[Game] Here is a loving game for a lady who likes to get oral sex. I have written in a style I hope a lady will find appealing.

Erotic Narrative:

I was fixing coffee one morning when you called out from the other room, “Give me a minute and I will fix breakfast.” I replied, “Sure.” I heard you taking a shower while I read the paper. A few minutes later you came down wearing a robe left open at the front and carrying your rolled up Yoga mat behind your back. I said, “What’s for breakfast?” You said, “Me!” I said, “Wonderful!”

We kissed passionately then I took the mat and cleared the dishes from the middle section of the table. I put the mat on the table and tossed a small pillow from the sofa to the far end. I placed my chair squarely at the end of the mat and placed two other chairs turned backwards bracketing it. I pulled my chair out of the way for a moment and steered you into its place with your buttocks pressed against to the table.

We kissed again and discarded unnecessary clothing. I lifted you up so you sat on the mat at the edge of the table. I first gently kissed and then sucked your beautiful breasts. You offered them to me in your cupped hands. I told you how much I love it when your nipples get hard either because you are hot or because there is a cold wind blowing.

I help you lay back so that your firm bottom was just on the mat and adjusted the two backward chairs so that you could use them as foot rests. I pulled out my chair and sat down. I then caressed and kissed your thighs to encourage you to spread you legs. I gently kissed your pussy for the first time. I told all the things I like about it most. I cupped my hand, placed it over your pussy, and started to gently move it around in a circular motion. I very gently pinched its outer lips together and continued the rhythmically movement. Your pussy responded by getting all puffy and warm.

I then opened you pussy very gently and blew upon it. I then opened it wider and kissed the clitoris gently. I told you how much I love you pussy and how much I love to eat it. I then very slowly licked along the crack from bottom to top. I told you how soft and pink the inside of the outer lips were. I sucked on the inner lips and pulled each out by moving my head backward. I told you how they had gotten so much bigger and of the beautiful texture and near purple color.

You played with my hair and then caught your breath. You already had the urge to have me inside you, but you knew that if you relaxed and were still you would soon come.

I licked you pussy again from bottom to top many times. Often I thrust my tongue as deeply into your body as I could go. I then told you how perfectly formed you clitoris was for sucking and how much I loved to suck it. I hummed a little trying to find just the right frequency to send electricity through your clitoris. I licked and sucked it for a while and then went back to the long slow licks from the back to the front. Soon you were very close to your first climax.

I then pressed my mouth hard against you pussy. Using my tongue and the motion of my head I brought you to climax. I held your thighs firmly so that if you pushed the chairs out of position it would not interrupt you. At one point you squeezed my head almost in a head lock, but I persisted. When I was sure you had peaked I backed off, leaving with a simple kiss. We then rested in our positions for a moment for you to catch your breath.

I then started again slowly with a gentle kiss, blowing, long licks to your pussy, tongue thrusts, and sucking your clitoris. When I first touched you clitoris, you had to catch your breath. You came again. I ended with a simple kiss just as I had begun.

I then let you rest again while I pushed back my chair, dropped my pants, and put on a rubber. I then pulled you hips to the edge of the table. I entered you slowly as your pussy was so very sensitive and so very wet. I then thrust into you rhythmically. You moaned and came a third time.

I pulled out of you, removed the rubber, and ejaculated on to your smooth warm belly. You reached down with your fingers, wiping up the cum and then sucked it. In the end we both got a little breakfast.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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