The Pointing Rose Game  

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The Pointing Rose Game

The Pointing Rose Game

[Game] This is a simple point-and-kiss intimate game that can be played by couples of any gender or even groups. It is a gentle game that helps everyone achieve a high state of arousal together.

Erotic Narrative:

You often said that I come on too fast, but I did not see the error of my ways until you pointed them out to me.

You entered the room in your summer robe that you had carelessly not bothered to tie front and carrying one long stem rose. You said, “We are going to play a little game. It is a point and kiss game. Are you up for it?”

I was starting to be.

You kissed the rose, pulled aside your robe and touched the nipple of your left breast. “You may kiss me here.”

I moved across the room to you and dropped a pillow on the floor. I dropped to one knee, put my hands on your thighs, and kissed your breast. I then slowly started to lick and suck it.

You then pushed tapped me on the head to get my attention, kissed the rose again, and touched it to the side of your neck. I rose up and kissed you there.

We got through mouth, neck, hands, wrists, inside of elbows, both breasts, navel, and thighs before it was time to move the game to the bed.

Game Equipment:

This game requires one long stemmed flower. A red rose in classic, but the choice may change with the season. A fresh flower is best, but a high quality silk one will do. A bud is better than a fully open flower.

The players should be freshly bathed. Take care to rinse thoroughly. Do not use lotions or perfumes on any area that will later be kissed. Such anointments may smell and feel good, but they often taste soapy and leave a coat on the tongue.

The players should be clothed in garments that can be removed or pushed aside easily.

This game cannot be hurried. Only play it when there is plenty of time and you have privacy in a comfortable, romantic setting.

The Rules:

One person plays the female role. She is it and runs the game to suit her pleasure. She starts the game by kissing the rose with an extravagant gesture. She then points the rose to a place on your body that she wants kissed.

The partner starts by exposing the area slowly, caressing it gently, giving it a gentle kiss, and murmuring something nice about it. He then progresses to passionately kissing, licking, and sucking. When she has had enough at that location, she taps him on the head with the rose.

The first location is always the lips. After that she usually chooses a sequence of lesser erogenous zones starting at the extremities and moving slowly to the center of her body. For example, she may point to her lips, finger tips, palm, inside of wrist, the inside of the elbow, and the side of the neck. Or perhaps, she may point to the toes, insole, ankle, side on knee, and the inside of the thigh. She may turn over and choose the back of the neck, the small of the back, the top of her butt crack, and the back of the thighs. She may work down one extremity and then down another other, or zigzag back and forth. The choice is hers.

In the end she does a core sequence such as tongue, neck, right nipple, under the right breast, left nipple, under the left breast, navel, inside of right thigh, inside of left thigh, and pussy.

The game is over when she is long past needing silly games and she throws the rose up into the air. It is then time for impassioned loving without restraint.


The purpose of the game is to slow the person playing the male role down. This game gives the female player the time she needs to get hot. For this reason, play of the game is often offered by the male to the female as a gift out of consideration for her needs.

When played in a threesome, it may be used to recover balance if one member feels that she or he has not been getting their fair share of attention. Two players then take turns attending to the one.

The game can also be modified for use in group sex. Here again it helps to slow the fast people down so that everyone can reach a high state of arousal together. For your group, you will have to work out your specific group dynamics and your special rules.

I would very much like to hear women’s reactions to this game. It is very important to build more balance into the game than I can provide alone.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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