The Long Step Stool  

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2/9/2006 1:32 pm

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The Long Step Stool

The Long Step Stool Proofed

[Toy] Here is an easy to build toy that supports passionate love making. It is called a Step Stool but is better described as long low shelf about 30 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 7 inches high. It is most useful to couples who are significantly different in height, but can be used by anybody to avoid the necessity of having to perform sex acts while in awkward, uncomfortable body positions. Let me tell you how it is used and then I will tell how to make it.

Erotic Narrative:

You sent me a discrete email at work saying you had a surprise and I was not to get home before 7:00 sharp as you had to get cleaned up. When I arrived, I saw right away that the Step Stool was setting against a clear length of wall. I know what that meant. The next moment, you ran to me and we embraced in the middle of the room. With passionate kisses, groping, and much fumbling, we managed to get each others clothes off. I then danced you over to the Step Stool.

There we kissed again and I lifted you up onto this low shelf. With murmurings of the beauty of your breasts, I began kissing and licking them with energy as they now at exactly the right height. You cupped your hands under them offering them to me. I reached down and stroked the inside of your thighs encouraging you to spread your legs. You adopted a stance like a colossus with your legs spread wide but standing straight and tall on your platform.

I cupped my hand over your pussy and applied gentle pressure in a rhythmic motion while keeping you pinned against the wall. I progressed to a gentle pinching of the outer lips of your pussy as it began to puff up. I babbled on about how much I love your pussy and how much I had to have you. Pressing you against the wall with one hand I open and put on a rubber using the other hand and my teeth. Then I slowly, with small thrusts, entered you. In a few moments I was in you to the hilt, and had your arms pinned to the wall with my hands and your upper body pinned solid against the wall with mine. It took many minutes of slow rhythmic thrusts to bring you to climax. At the top of the thrust your body want wanted to lift off your platform.

Then you were clearly exhausted. I withdrew from you and let you sink to the floor. I let you rest a moment and then assisted you to a kneeling position on the floor in front of the Step Stool. I mounted the shelf myself and removed the rubber. You looked up at me with a happy satisfied expression, cupped you breasts in your hands, and opened your mouth. I ejaculated into your dark cleavage remembering how that feature has always held my attention from the moment we met.


The Step Stool is simply four pieces of wood screwed and glued together. I can provide construction sketches if needed. Anyone who does household handyman work should be able to make one. The length should be at least 28 inches and may be as long as 36 simply dependent on the length of available wall. The width can be anything you like from 8 t o12 inches. The two boards for the feet must be as close to the ends of the top board as practical so that it will be very hard to tip up the stool if and entire person’s weight is put near one end.

The height of the stool is dependent on the couple needs. Ideally it will match the distance from the base of his dick to the opening of her pussy while he is standing straight up and she is standing spread legged. Four to eight inches is typical. You may wish to strength the legs using four chair braces.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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