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1/29/2006 8:44 am

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Justice for the TMIC

[Tech] It is a sad tale I relate here, but I must right a great injustice that permeates our society. Unfortunately my story is not the least bit erotic so be forewarned.

We all dream of the day when there will be one grand alternate lifestyle internet club where anyone of any mind can go and find those of a like mind. No more fragmented clubs with a few people here and a few people there. To achieve this goal a lot of technical work needs to be done, so we might as well get started right now. We need to identify specific groups with unconventional needs and strengths, and then develop Web software that supports multiple groups instead of trying to get by with canned software that clearly originally was designed for people out of a Normal Rockwell painting.

One of these groups, that I belong to, is the technical people. We are commonly called “Geeks” or “Nerds”, but these are very derogatory terms that no more belong in polite conversation than the “N” word. There is a good English word for us. It is Maven (May’-vin). It means the expert that you occasionally need to talk with, but ten seconds after he has answered your question, all you want to do is get out of there. This word is over 200 years old in English and comes to us from Hebrew by way of Yiddish. Yiddish words are always so much fun.

We are the engineers with pocket protectors and the absent minded scientists. We are the presidents of the science club who could not get a date for the prom. We are social incompetents. We are the Technical Mavens and we are all to often involuntary celibates. We have changed your world and are continuing to change it at a breathtaking pace.

We TMIC’s (Technical Maven Involuntary Celibate) are also the ones that brought you email, the internet, and the cell phone. Each time we tried to solve our own communications problems, our powerful solutions are immediately taken over by the mass of people. They beat us at our own game again and again. This is the great injustice I spoke of.

Our celibacy comes from the way we think. We are visual and conceptual thinkers, while the majority of people, especially women, prefer to think in language. Thinking visually is incredibly powerful and drives our IQ scores through the roof. It has a serious drawback however. When you think this way, you think with modules in your brain most people use to analyze vision and you send the thoughts through pathways that are no where near the language centers.

Women, on the other hand, commonly use a powerful brain module that tells you if you are being paid attention to. Every minute you are awake, a piece of brain tissue the size of a postage stamp, knows if you are being paid attention to and does nothing else. When a man is caught looking another woman, and complains, “I wasn’t doing anything,” he was doing something. He was not paying attention to you. And you knew it in an instant automatically.

When we TMIC’s meet a pretty woman, we go into thinking overdrive. With our thought train using key vision centers, we develop a blank glassy stare that you see in our eyes. Women spot this in an instant. By the time we can put two words together, we have developed 10 new thoughts. We then try to revise our half spoken sentences on the fly.

This process is usually interpreted by women as not paying attention to them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are paying way too much attention to you, or at least your cleavage. We are in an age of technology. We TMIC’s are the ones that will move all of society forward for good or bad. So I ask all women to keep in mind that some of us are going to become millionaires and do not be put off by blank stares and fumbling words. I assure you we can get the technical part of anything right, even sex.

We are also the ones who must write the software that will generate the ultimate alternate lifestyles club, where you can meet all the people you want to meet and not be bothered by fakes and cheaters. We cannot do this without your input. The sooner you start talking to us and telling us what your needs and fantasies are, the sooner that software will get written. Talk to us, we are very gentle people.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

HHabilis 71M

2/5/2006 6:14 am

This is one of a series of posting I am writing independently to understand what would make truly great adult Internet software. I am sure you will agree that there is much to improve. Unfortunately, these postings will not be very erotic; I will try to make the funny, at least to me. If you would like to talk about what how your needs can be better met, drop me an email here.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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