Where communication is trust can live  

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2/19/2006 7:54 am

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Where communication is trust can live

Life is truly a journey. At times we have a destination picked out and yet accidents, construction or just plain not knowing the way prevents us from reaching our desired destination. This is particularly true in a relationships. If we are missing our goal within a relationship, it is in these times we find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster. It is also in those times that we should avoid making major decisions in our life. When emotions run high they usually cloud the normal process used to make decisions. If that decision costs us a relationship then the decision itself then adds to the issue thus creating a larger problem within itself, under these conditions time is our best friend. Time to take a true look at the situation and to communicate with the person we have the relationship with. Notice I said with and not to, I choose that word carefully because communication truly only happens when it is an exchange when both people speak and truly listen. Communication does not exist when only one person is speaking or for that matter when one person is listening. Because trust is at the foundational core of any relationship, communication must take place in order to create the trust necessary for a successful relationship. It is my opinion that when communication does not exist within the relationship. When both party’s emotional needs are not met the framework for emotional abuse is set in action. A meaningful exchange of thoughts, views and emotions is required to prevent what has unfortunately become the norm in relationships within out society. We all have seen a relationships that failed because of communication issues that lead to actions that cause mistrust. When the trust within a relationship is challenged it often time is never restored to the level it once was and over the coarse of time the results can be deadly. Relationships like the people we love should be protected and nurtured. The health of a relationship can be judged by the trust the parties involved in it have for each other. Without trust no relationship will stand the test of time. My recommendation is to hold close to you relationships you have established and begin new relationships by communicating and building the trust that will comfort your partner/partners in the relationships you hold close to your heart.

Until next time, take care. You are the only you the world can ever know.

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