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rm_HARD24772 32M
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7/12/2005 11:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my johnson

well am not goin to say that i have a big dick, ladies i will let u b the judge of that. i can say that i wont go down. ladies plz help me b/c everytime i have sex to gurl can handle it, they get tired b4 i even nut. can u help me

Zarbrecia 31F
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7/13/2005 6:19 am

Well all I can say is that you need to come fuck me cause I only had sex 1 time. But for some reason I'm a freak. Since you showing your dick on the computer, you must be a freak to so if you are let me know . Maybe we can get together and do something. I promise you I won't stop until you are ready to and oh just so you know, I've never performed oral sex but I've been practicing on something huge and if you play your cards right, you can be the first to feel the warm sensation of my beautiful mouth. Just as long as you are willing to do the same to me. So holla back at me!!!

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